Oct. 12th, 2009

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Okay, don't jump all over me. I think it was a horrible idea---at least DC sacrificed its continuity to a multiversal Crisis rather than a guy who can't take the idea of his ninety-year-old aunt finally dying. Who literally rewrote history by making a deal with the devil to save a woman who by all rights should have been dead years ago, and only had a few years left.


It could be worse.

I innocently clicked on a link from comicbookresources to CRACKED's 5 Superhoes Rendered Ridiculous by Gritty Reboots and found REIGN, from Marvel, which I had no idea existed.

Brace yourselves for the worst Spider-Man idea ever, as we look in on a sixty-year-old Spider-Man, who...

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This is from the final issue of the original Doom Patrol series. When the series was canceled, the creators opted to kill the characters off in their final story. This is the death scene.

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I know here at S_D we talk about and love da comix; the good, the bad, the crack. And as much as I enjoying sharing with you and sharing your view points, what it comes down to is the stories, the art, the spirit and the shades of emotion spread across the page and captures in ink and and pixel. That said, today I experienced for the first time in a long time genuine AWE and WONDER again as I haven't in years. I welled up and laughed my ass off within 90 seconds. That pure joy and eagerness to see what happens next, without doubting the skills and talent of the artists and story tellers. So, I humbly would like to share with the scans_daily 2.0 board, the trailer for the latest Pixar film (behind the cut).

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DC is keeping it classy and keeping the gore and horror up.
Oh yeah, and the Green Lanterns continue to realize just how screwed they are as things get much, much worse.

IGN has the preview.

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I finally got a chance to play some "Arkham Asylum" this weekend. Very cool. I liked Oracle being in it but I wish they had gotten Dina Meyer to do her voice. Since I am in an Arkham mood, here are two pages from a 6 page story in "Secret Files & Origins, Gotham's Greatest Gangsters" about that time Kyle had to bring the Joker to Arkham Asylum.

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B&R is making me reread my old Jason issues. This is from Detective 579, i.e. features the Post-Crisis version through Mike Barr's Pre-Crisis-tinted script.

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The trailer shown by Marvel at the Diamond Retailer Summit, watch quickly cause they may take it down:

There's also two more interviews with Bendis here at IGN and CBR and a bigger version of the Siege promo under the cut for legality.

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so, Kia Asamiya.

Guy drew/wrote a lot of stuff I mean to get around to.

one of those works, in particular?

Batman: Child of Dreams, published in Kodonsha's Monthly Magazine Z in about ten installments, I think; at any rate, since DC (obviously) commissioned it, we got a hardcover edition two years later, translated by Max Allan Collins.

Anyhow, a key part of that work's plot?  )
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Another entry from my UK comic series...

In the UK in 1971 we'd just gone for decimal currency, the Open University had just started and British military bases in Malta were closed down. And "Tammy" was launched...

First up... scarily cheery looking girl on cover

(Sadly, the ring and bracelet were not included in the reprint)


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