Oct. 19th, 2009

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Newsarama has posted there advance look at the Marvel solicitations for January. The solicitations for Captain America: Reborn, Captain America, Avengers vs. Atlas and Marvel Boy: The Uranian under the cut..

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Some of you may know of internet writer Seanbaby, probably for his hilariously profane send-ups of the old Superfriends cartoon. Well, he's published a new 'shop of old Batman comics. Yes, yes, it's just Golden Age comics with explicit dialogue added, but hey, that describes quite a few A-list comic book writers I know. Here's a preview image, and if you don't like this, I'm warning you that it only gets more NSFW from there.

Batman: The Fraternity Adventures.

And for legality...

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As people probably know, DC is reviving a bunch of dead comics for Blackest Night. I think it would be cool if people could post some scans of the final issue of those series. (I realize that some of these issues will easier to find than others.)

For legality, and to do my share, the final two pages of Suicide Squad 66 )
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... why I've not seen this around, that is. Sorry if it has been posted though, I couldn't find it anywhere.

December solicit for GREEN ARROW & BLACK CANARY #27 )
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I found myself thinking of this old comic (oh, good god, this was eighteen years ago) for no good reason earlier today, and went ahead and dug it up.

As far as I know this is one of the first comics to be both written and drawn by Erik Larsen. "The Mutant Factor" appeared in the adjectiveless Spider-Man book, which at the time was a showcase for Todd McFarlane. Larsen's story was a fill-in between arcs for McFarlane; he'd go on to do a six-issue Sinister Six story that features guest appearances from pretty much every character Larsen's ever liked.

The set-up's pretty simple. Peter and Mary Jane are talking about whether or not they should have kids, but Peter's a bit concerned about the potential risks. After all, Sue Richards nearly died every time she's gotten pregnant. With that in mind, Peter goes to ask Hank McCoy for more information.

three pages after the cut )
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I may not like the story much (in fact I'd already given up on the title by this point), but this was a fun cover. Scott Mcdaniel's art has never looked better (before or since) than when he was drawing Nightwing/


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