Oct. 26th, 2009

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check these nice peter/mj pics, the first one looks like Peter is taking fashion advice from the gamemaster, all he needs is the nintendo controller for a belt and the zapper and Mj should dress as Princess Lana. Damn everytime I looke at it, I dont see Peter, I see Kevin the game master taking pictures of MJ. Love the art.  Also, I love the clone saga 3rd cover. athough Peter looks like Shinji from Evangelion with muscles. 

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Well, obviously you can. But you shouldn't!

In this final (hah!) three post series, I finish off the very last of the allowable page limit for each of the three volumes of Fuan no Tane. In so doing, I will fulfill a few requests I got way back when, and also post several stories never-before-seen on scans_daily.



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We need more Evangelion posts. Naoko Akagi is one sick woman. Not as insane as Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu, but still. Don't know who she is? She is a twisted woman. Much like Sylvia Plath.

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A webcomic done by Gurihiru, a Japanese artist team best known for their work on POWER PACK, it's a very irreverent take on the Marvel Universe, if the characters all lived in the same apartment building.

Click the tags to see previous comics.

Only two this time, as the next installment will be a three part story.

The first apppearance of Colonel America!

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Anyone know more about the upcoming arc? Royal McGraw's apparently written some fills on Detective, and the Commissioner Gordon tie-in to BftC (almost got it, but ultimately didn't), anyone can vouch for him?
Then Marcos Marz is on art. Looks like he's done some fills on 'Tec, Nightwing and Ms. Marvel, but the part that worries me is he also did that ugly looking Trials of Shazam story in the Infinite Holiday Special.

Ehh, but it has Zinda in it, so maybe it'll be worth a look?


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