Nov. 2nd, 2009

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A webcomic done by Gurihiru, a Japanese artist team best known for their work on POWER PACK, it's a very irreverent take on the Marvel Universe, if the characters all lived in the same apartment building.

Click the tags to see previous comics.

A giant-sized three parter, and my favorite part of the series.

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Four pages from the latest Astro City issue, in which Astra of the First Family makes some important decisions, as well as two pages from the previous issue...

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I thought I'd post one of the earliest Dick Grayson vs. Roy Harper fights I know of, and send out a request for other "Dick vs. Roy" brawls.

In NEW TITANS #101 (the TEEN had been dropped), Sgt. Steel has contacted Arsenal saying he doesn't want Nightwing in charge of the Titans anymore. Nightwing is still angry over his wedding to Starfire going so wrong and Kori going into a coma.

Battle of the cuties after the cut. )
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In Punisher #16-17, Ennis did a story where Punisher eviscerated and humiliated a caricature of Wolverine. How did Wolverine writer Frank Tieri respond?


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