Nov. 18th, 2009

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some scans from Superman: Secret Identity. I'm pretty sure I've posted these pages back in s_d 1.0 but anyway.

Secret Identity is a four-issue mini by Kurt Busiek from 2004, I believe, that started out as an origin story for Superboy Prime but evolved into something a bit more. this Clark Kent was an ordinary, average boy born to the Kent family in Kansas. his parents thought it would be cute to name him after Superman. mostly, he found it greatly irritating, what with all the jokes and everyone assuming he loved anything and everything to do with Superman. and then one night, he discovers he has all of Superman's powers.

these scans are from the second issue where he moves to Manhattan and his coworkers set him up on a date. no prizes for guessing what the girl's name is.

four scans )
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For my next installment, we take a step back in time to episode 10, season 1, where the full scope of the Venture universe expands, and we get to see how supervillains and heros mingle on day-to-day activities with something so simple as a yard sale. Which translates into: "how many different types of lit fireworks can I stuff into this powder keg). Clips from the classic "Tag Sale - You're It!"

I want a pretty pink dress! )
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When I bring up topics of class warfare or wartime morality, the responses get... active. So I thought I would post a page from DAREDEVIL (Vol 2) #56 where Ben Urich gives a brief history of crime in New York City.

Personally, I wouldn't say "no reason." The people responsible for Prohibition simply didn't understand (or couldn't fathom) how far some people would go for booze.

It should be noted that during this section of the Bendis run, Ben Urich thinks Matt Murdock had a nervous breakdown (his third, I believe).
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Okay so last time we introduced our unfortunate protagonists and were witness to them being contracted to this “game”. We also saw their robot rise up from the ocean. Today we meet one of the most annoying evil little buggers in the multiverse and get to see the first fight.


Who is this? Why should you hate them? Some explanation behind the cut. )
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The preview pages are up at Newsarama as the BPRD continues to attempt to hold the darkness at bay. This time, they are up against the Frogs.

They are stronger than us.
They are intelligent.
They are organized.
They can hide among us.
Their only reason for living is to release their masters, one a level that is both biological imperative and religious zealousness.
And they can infect us.

And now we get a glimpse of what their eternal reward may be )
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BATMAN #486 by Doug Moench and Jim Aparo has a funny reference to the new (at the time) Batman animated series. It also features Alfred and Tim Drake discussing why Bruce Wayne is Batman.

Equating vigilantism to bowling )
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The ONLY reason I bought this comic was so I could show it to this community.

If you thought disco!Nightwing was bad...

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Greetings True Believers! My first post to Scans_Daily 3.0! Hooray! And who better to start out with then Wade!

These are a few funny scans from MM #5 and we meet a new character and also a bonus panel from Deadpool #17. Enjoy!

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Way back in Amazing Spider-Man #601, Peter Parker got blackout drunk at the wedding of his Aunt May, supposedly because he needed that much alcohol simply to summon the courage to talk to Mary Jane Watson again, in spite of her being one of his oldest and closest friends, and he woke up in bed the next morning with his roommate, Michelle Gonzales, with no memory of what had happened, or whether they'd slept together, although the fact that both of them were all but naked hinted pretty heavily at the probability that they had.

At the time, I offered my thoughts on this plot development, and its attendant characterizations, in the calm and restrained manner for which I am known throughout the Internets.

And at the time, I heard from a number of supporters of the NuSpidey status quo, who urged me to stop complaining, on the grounds that my whining was accomplishing nothing, and that it certainly wouldn't have any sort of impact on the stories that the NuSpidey "brain trust" would choose to tell.

Which brings us to Amazing Spider-Man #612, in which Peter and Michelle revisit the events of that evening in Amazing Spider-Man #601 ...

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Apologies in advance if this comes out incoherent. Got hit by fever and I'm dreading that it's the pigflu, so I'm not exactly thinking straight at the moment. But anyways...

As to the title, sometimes I agree.

Sometimes I do not. )
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It's the 60th Anniversary of Casper the Friendly Ghost!

Naturally, this calls for a new comic book series updating this childhood icon for the modern age. And let's bring along a couple of his castmates for the ride, in Casper and the Spectrals #1.

So, you really want to know why ghosts scare people? )

Your thoughts and comments, favorite Casper stories?


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