Nov. 24th, 2009

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A quick doodle last night on another thread got me to thinking, what might the most popular/least appropriate tourist T-shirts on sale in the assorted cities of the comic-verse.

This was, naturally, the first one I thought of

And then that sort of made me think about some others....

So where might THAT lead us? )
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Greetings True Believers! Here is part two of my Conan in What If mega-post. This tale finds Conan teaming up with everyone's favorite Asgardian. Learn of their wacky adventures! By the Bones of Ymir, you will enjoy this!

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Maybe it's because I'm insomniac tonight so I'm seeing funny things where there are none, but I came across this cover and I'm silent-laughing so hard my face hurts.

What the hell, Mickey? )
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You totally know that Dick makes a dig at Roy only because he wants to fight, whether it be freindly sparing or macho I'm-gonna-shove-your-head-into-the-ground-because-we-temporarily-hate-each-other-till-the-end-of-this-fight fighting. Either way I've got scans of both types.
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Greetings True Believers! The Grand finale of my mega-post! Conan, the world's most savage barbarian vs. the living legend of WWII! Plus Pimp-Conan! Revel in it! By the Fangs of Set, you shall enjoy this!

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Dick Grayson's confirmed for the upcoming DCU Online game, and I make my first Scans Daily 3.0 post. Exciting, I know.

More info and screen shots can be found here, but some of them I liked after the cut.

Screenshots and ass focusing turn arounds inside )
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I loved the title when it came out. It was Batman with a fresh start and none of drama-drama Bruce had.

Scott McDaniel had a great talent for action poses, this emphasized the acrobatic skills of Dick Grayson. All the gear was kept in his boots. I recently borrowed the last 10 issues from a friend and couldn't believe what a crap end Nightwing had...yuck.
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part 2 here

a few years have passed. Clark and Lois got married. Clark's parents thought it was funny he married a Lois. Lois' parents are more weirded out by her marrying a Clark Kent than someone who wasn't Indian.

five scans under the cut )


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