Nov. 26th, 2009

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Rulk Smashes the Holidays! )

Request: Anyone have scans of someone getting a certain injury in Cry for Justice? I won't say who as it'd be a spoiler, but if you've read it you'll know. And any Shade if he showed. :)
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Image decides to get into Marvel and DC's crossover mega-event game.

Pop quiz for trivia hounds: What does this comic have in common with the very first Golden Age Human Torch/Namor crossover (which was Marvel's first ever crossover, I believe)?

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Some amusing bits from Rob Liefeld and Robert Kirkman's "commentary track" for Issue 1 at

Kirkman: And Rob did a fantastic job — although he did make some changes... [Laughs]

Rob Liefeld: What did I do? [Laughs]

Kirkman: I think I had a group shot for the first page, then another group shot for pages two and three, and you were like, "Nah, screw that. Let's go ahead and get to the nitty gritty." Then you had the big blast thing going on. You improved it, so I'm giving you kudos for that.

. . .

Liefeld: In terms of what Robert said with pages two and three, I do remember that. I basically pushed off elements into pages four and five that he wanted in two and three. This is Image Comics, so it has to be big! You've got to go splash and then double-page splash! [Laughs] I believe certain people coming into the book haven't interacted with Image Comics in a long time, and we definitely have a nostalgia vibe going on in this book. In three pages, I think you go, "Whoa! I'm back in 1992, baby!" [Laughs]

Image United #1 )
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Last time we were witness to the children’s first fight and received a bit of the back story. Today we see the rest of that fight and receive a little more back story.

Good Night Kokopelli )
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" tank would disappear. And Staten Island. And, my tank."

Hello and welcome back to the ongoing attempt to integrate Cold War kid's propaganda into the post 9/11 liberal mindset. It's probably impossible.

But by maintaining the tension of this intellectual paradox, we are proving Ayn Rand entirely wrong*, so it's worth it.

GI Joe, issues two and three.

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