Dec. 2nd, 2009

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Forgive the lousy color restoration. I don't have Photoshop on this com so I had to use the scanner's presets =S

Namor saves a chick )
I'm not on my retreat because ah...I just got deported back =S

Luckily, no jail XD
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The interview with Editor Scott Allie about issues #32 & #33 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic can be found at CBR. Looks like some homage is being paid.

More powerful than...  )
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Dark Avengers annual came out today. The last page has some bigtime spoiler leading into the Seige. I guess this has to do with Cap Reborn being extended 2 issues (or something).

MAJOR SPOILER w/ Cap Reborn after the cut... )
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In honor of Adam Warren's Empowered one-shot hitting the shelves, let's take a look back at Empowered vol. 4!

Eight scans under the cut!

Sucks to be you, Superchica... )
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The Simpsons comics have along history, and recently they been poking fun of anything comic book related, in terms of stories and fans. And they had a big story arc that was all about that in their 3 comic titles ( Simpsons Comics, Bart Simpson, and Simpsons Super Spectacular). And I am going to post some of their best jokes here. And I am staring off where the story starts in Simpsons Comics #155

Joke that Nerd Like You Can Undesrtand. )


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