Dec. 11th, 2009

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Shuri goes to settle personal scores for the attack on T'Challa. She seems to be doing well. Let's see how she handles Namor. IGN has the preview of #11.

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I guess the powers that be in our own universe have sense us becoming a little unnerved, and have offered a gift. DarkHorse comics has the preview for Willow one-shot, as we learn what happened to Willow that gave her a power boost and allows her to commune with that snake-lady entity as she.... uhm.... "is in a state of rapture".

Trust me, SWF....

I guess this is the opposite of tentacle rape  )

Evil Inc.

Dec. 11th, 2009 01:37 pm
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Evil Inc. is a rather enjoyable, long running webcomic about a world where super-villainy has gone corporate (Rather than just having crooks running your company). I'll try and post a selection of the better strips in the near future, but in the meantime here's todays, which struck a chord with me, can't think why! :)

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There's one new character that's been sorely missing from the Adventure Comics posts so far: Conner's biology partner Simon.

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Two pages from Uncanny X-Men: First Class 6, featuring Kurt being eloquent and adorable, as always.

Context: He grabbed a sword off some alien, and it teleported him to some sort of pocket dimensional trophy room, where he finds a certain head on a wall.

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And Forerunner (basically, a genetic grab-bag of DCU alien powers, last of a kind created by the Monitors to serve them; at this point, she's working against them, because she was told that her life was manipulation by...), working for Monarch (Monarch, yup.), got to visit it.

(oh, totally forgot- slight spoilers for new x-men noir. you know, mark of cain.)

Because, you see, Monarch wants to pick up the local Justice League equivalent...  )


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