Dec. 16th, 2009

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The first issue introduces the protagonist, Boronwë, and tells us the origin of the Sisterhood. It also sets up the conflict between Boronwë and the princess Vandalis. That conflict takes centre stage in this issue, but first we get this lovely double splash as Boronwë equips herself with weapons and armour.

(click to embiggen)

That splash encapsulates several of the things that rock about this series: characters of varying body types, multiracial casting, and fantasy warrior women who actually wear real armour and have real muscles.
less politics, more ass-kicking in this issue )

So, issue 2 has: ninjas, pirates, drug trips, assassination attempts, sword fights, and psychedelic-assisted sisterly bonding. What more can you ask for from a comic? Well, the next issue has international politics, slave traders, and more pirates.

Christy Marx has a website page devoted to Sisterhood of Steel; she has (I assume signed) copies of all issues available for sale, as well as posters and prints.
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My previous post about Take A Chance garnered some interest and a few requests for more. So here you go.

Note: Includes some NSFW language. One four-letter word, anyway.

7 pages from Issue 2 )

Anyway, like I said, I've got all 5 issues... but I'm not sure about posting more. I don't want to give away too many plot twists if the TPB ever does hit the market. (Meantime, back issues are available on Amazon and elsewhere.) Thoughts?
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I saw this while on my morningly read through my webcomics and thought this had to be posted. It is far too relevant to our interests.

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Fresh off the presses at CBR: Louise Simonson is slated to do a five-issue X-Factor: Forever limited series.

This surprises me, but not in a bad way. Between this and Claremont's New Mutants: Forever coming up, I wonder if it's an indication of X-Men: Forever selling better than expected. I do like What Ifs when they're not blatant "This is why our way was better, STFU" responses to recent storylines, and if this leads to, oh say, Alan Davis drawing and writing an Excalibur: Forever limited, then Marvel may be getting some money out of me. Sadly, I don't think there's any way in the world we would ever get John Byrne on an Alpha Flight: Forever. *sigh*

Thoughts? Wishlists?

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Greetings True Believers! Here are three pages from this week's Astonishing X-Men #33. It seems Mr. Ellis remembered Scott's Crowning Moment of Awesome from Astonishing X-Men #8. So spoilers and enjoy!

Plus bonuses! An amusing an cute panel of Victoria Hand totally out of context and an awesome Captain America cover.

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Four scans from Nomad: Girl Without A World #4, the surprisingly enjoyable miniseries that managed to make a Rob Liefeld character worth caring about (always a challenge).

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This rather nice piece is by Greg Capullo for another Marvel Swimsuit issue, and features Wendell Vaughn in his cosmic-awareness speedo's (Hell, looking at that I know I have a greater awareness of, and appreciation for, the world we live in) taking a day off from protecting the universe in a suitably wholesome way (Wendell could give Steve Rogers lessons in down-home charm)

Protector of the Universe )
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Continuing with my personal 12 days of Christmas Challenge, I going to present to you how man who maybe as selfish as Luthor, but yet more lovable than Superman spends the day of giving at his home. May I present to you, Garfield the Cat.

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Why are people all over the country choosing to stop and stand motionless, holding the same pose until they wither away? A social worker investigates the phenomenon of those known as the "earthbound".

The safe-for-work Ito is back, and we get a story more similar in tone to ROAR OF AGES than anything else. Still, I like this chapter quite a bit, and if I had to rank it I’d put it right behind GLYCERINE as my second favourite in this volume.

Only one story to round out the volume. Looks like I’m gonna make it.

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So, unless I'm totally off the mark, the point of What If stories is that for each one, there's a definite spot in time where the timelines diverge, right? Meaning that everything that came before that point in time is the same, yes? So, for the What If of World War Hulk, everything that's already been established as canonly happening prior is still the same, isn't it?

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