Dec. 17th, 2009

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Four pages from Fables 91 ("Witches, Part Five: Geppetto").

Geppetto tries to strike while the iron is hot...

At last, a reckoning )
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Holiday times continue with two shorts, written, penciled, inked, colored and lettered by Ty Templeton!

Stories from DCU Holiday Bash #'s 1 and 2 )

Tomorrow: Catwoman and Huntress star in very tangentially holiday-related stories!
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There's a lot of setup in this issue for future developments. Rather than try to post excerpts from that, I decided to post the last nine pages, in which Boronwë's ship is attacked by slaver pirates.

The first 19 pages in brief: Boronwë is going off on a ship with a bunch of other cadets to their first post-graduation assignment, at the Sisterhood's fortress between the twin cities of Orange and Phyrus. The Queen of the Sisterhood sends two of her chief officers on the same ship, to secure renewal of the Sisterhood's treaty with them. The future of the treaty is somewhat in doubt as Andras, the leader of the slave traders of Giaour, has been bribing O'mah, prince of Orange. but enough of that, on to the pirate battle! )

Christy Marx has a website page devoted to Sisterhood of Steel; she has (I assume signed) copies of all issues available for sale, as well as posters and prints.
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My first Dreamwidth post. Huzzah.

I've been sitting on this for a couple of months now. Presenting 9 out of 29 pages, wherein Lisa makes an unusual friend...

It's amazing who you meet online... )
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For the most part this looks like a generic action trailer, but that part between Tony and Pepper was absolutely brilliant. Posters and links and a decent version of the trailer here.

You complete me.  )
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For my 12 days of Christmas challenge on Monday, I posted how Superman spend it his News Years with his folks. If your read it, you would have know that Supes made these stops in between helping people all day (or night). Due to the 3rds rule, I could only put up the pictures with the family, but now it is a new day and it time to see what Superman does best beside fighting bad guys, helping people.
Supes Around the World in 1 Night )

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Now this is one of my most favorite Batman stories of all time, probably my fave if you ever asked me even. Alternate universes and Batman can often feel forced but as it was setup here it was just plain beautiful.

I beg you to wonder. Could even Batman stop the murder of the Waynes?

Exactly 6 and 1/3 pages from a 19 page story )
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Time for a little more festive Black Cat "Batman and Sons" cheer as we head towards Christmas, this time a couple of single images I just love.

A couple of Christmas cards in the making... )
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We continue our holiday times with two tales here that really only use the holidays as a background setting. Also the interesting coincidence of our protagonists both being compared to angels (i didn't notice this when i first decided to post these two together!)

Stories from DCU Holiday Bash #1 and the DCU Holiday Special 2008 )

Tomorrow: Superboy and the Legion wonder why the "peace" has to just be "on earth"!


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