Dec. 21st, 2009

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Some love for the DCAU Robin--in this case, Tim. This particular story is called Disappearing Act, written by Matthew K. Manning and pencilled by Tim Levins

So here's the premise: Batman's disappeared after following up a lead on a robbery--a robbery committed by none other than J'onn J'onnz. Tim's gone to the satellite to try to get help from the Leaguers on watch--Superman, Flash and Hawkgirl. After Superman keeps Flash and Hawkgirl from beating the tar out of Tim for the unexpected invasion, they go on another call--apparently another Justice Leaguer is committing robbery:

Things aren't always what they seem )
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Greetings True Believers! I was reminded of my love of the Marvel MAX series "Supreme Power" today and I wanted to post the highlights of the first Hyperion/Redstone fight. SP was one of my all-time favorite series and cemented me as a JMS fan. This post could also be titled, "The result of superhumans fighting a populated area." Enjoy!

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We start off with a brief recap:

(click to embiggen) Boronwe's life only gets more complicated from here )Only 3 more issues to go, and then I'll post excerpts from the graphic novel. Once again, while these comics were never reprinted, several complete sets are available on ebay for below cover price, and torrents of the series are also available.

Christy Marx has a website page devoted to Sisterhood of Steel; she has (I assume signed) copies of all issues available for sale, as well as posters and prints.
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Newsarama and Marvel have posted advanced solicitations for March. The solicitations for the Sif one-shot, Hercules, Avengers vs. Atlas, Captain America and The Uranian under the cut.

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Looks like there will be a, temporary(?), change for some of the creative team. Not really sure what to say, so I'll just cut to the chase...
Cover and info for #42 )
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So, Newsarama has DC March 2010 previews, and below the cut is the solicit for Booster Gold #30...

EDIT: General discussion of co-features, too.

And a panicky question! )
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We finished the last issue on a cliffhanger, so naturally it makes sense for us to pick up with the life story of Rudyard Kipling. Read more... )

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Something by Paul Dini that's less depressing than "Slayride."

Dini's "Jingle Belle" series -- okay, more like a collection of annual one-shots with the same characters -- features Santa's eponymous, semi-obnoxious teenaged daughter. Quality varies, but it's generally enjoyable. And occasionally downright last year's one-shot.

But for the moment, I'll just post a few bits I've always enjoyed. )

Anyone know if Dini's put out another one-shot this year?


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