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Shield #1-2

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Some more Shield...

Can I just say how impressed I've been with the art by Marco Rudy in this series? I've never heard of the guy before, but if he doesn't become a big name within a few years, I'll eat my hat.

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Chocosis for Christmas; Part 1 of 3.

Chokotto Sister is one of my favourite manga (and anime, but this isn't videos_daily, now, is it?). Which just happens to begin and end on subsequent Christmases. Which makes it a perfect for a series of xmas posts, eh?

We start, ironically, with the series' denouement. No real spoilers, though. )

6 pages from 19, and 6.3 from 20.

Gotham City Sirens #7

I don't normally pick up this title since I have issues with March, though I needed another title this week(my main LCS has a limit on how much you can spend and use a card... and I had no cash on me) and the artist was different I decided to give this a go. Definitely don't regret it!
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"Were you even listening?"

I normally wait for someone else to post before posting again, but it's been more than two hours, so whatever.  Four scans from Incredible Hercules #139.

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Reed Richards, Friend of the Working Robot (MAFF#19)

It seems that fewer Marvel Adventures comics are going to be with us. As such, I thought I'd post one of my favourite scenes from Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #19.

In Which A Labor Dispute Plays A Part )

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Adds up to four pages from JSA 34...

No, wait, make that two. Imageshack ate them up, and I'm too lazy to grab all four again...

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X-Men Legacy #231. So happy about this!

Greetings True Believers! Necrosha continues and I'm so happy about this return! Spoilers and enjoy!

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'Tec 860: Renee's story

Sorry for the lousy scans, I couldn't save this scene till anything better came along. I have been waiting for this scene for so goddamn long I just had to scan it myself as soon as I got home from the shop!

Three pages and bundles of barely-contained squee behind the cut! )
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another Paul Dini Christmas story

there is a question that nags the soul during this season. a question whose existential implications vexes and keeps one awake in the dark hours of the night. thankfully, Paul Dini answers that question for us.

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a Calvin and Hobbes Christmas Poem

I've posted this the past couple of years, so i thought i might as well post it here, in our new home. As it's nearly Christmas Eve here, I present a sentimental Christmas Poem, courtesy of Calvin and Hobbes.

Christmas Eve )
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(Insert Lame "Witch-Mass" Joke Here)

Back at the "Gossip Girl" post, one of the comments indicated a preference for the Yen Press version of "Soul Eater." So, let's take a look at this fun manga series.

On a severely alternate earth, there's a school for Meisters (weapon users) and their Weapons (shapeshifting humanoids who can transform into weapons.) They take down evil humans, witches (who are humanoids with natural magical ability), and kishin (demons/evil gods.) By consuming the souls of these beings, the Weapons can become more powerful, eventually being eligible to be used by the Grim Reaper himself.

But this post will concentrate on their nominal enemies, the witches, and especially master villain Medusa. Scans are from Chapter 9, 13 pages of 41.

These women somehow missed the memo on Wiccan sisterhood. )

Your thoughts, comments, Witch-mass jokes?