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Two-Face Tuesday: The Charlatan, Part 1

In last week's post about Paul Sloane--the second Two-Face--[personal profile] lbd_nytetrayn asked if Paul's made any appearances since his brief return in 1987. The answer is yes(ish), thanks to the generally-great Ed Brubaker.

In early 2003, while "Hush" was well underway in BATMAN, DETECTIVE COMICS writer Ed Brubaker penned his own six-part murder mystery that tied together all of Batman's rogues in a secret conspiracy to kill the caped crusader. And unlike "Hush," which brought in a brand-new character to fulfill the double-cliches of being "long lost childhood best friend" and "totally obvious red herring," Brubaker dusted off the concept of Paul Sloane for "Dead Reckoning," but with a modern twist. In doing so, he created a far more interesting original villain than Hush himself, one with tons of potential who, of course, hasn't been seen nor mentioned since.

For that and many other reasons, I lament that this story was utterly ignored in favor of "Hush." Not that this story isn't without its flaws--oh my, it has them--but we'll get to those inside.

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If this story had a more appropriate artist, or a superstar on par with Tim Sale or Jim Lee, I can't help but wonder if it might have gotten far more attention. For all its flaws, I think this is still a superior story than "Hush," even if much of the superiority comes from untapped potential. But I'll let you decide when I post the finale later today.
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Chief-man-of Bats and Lil' Raven...

God bless the silver age...


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Why Lana Lang wins at life

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From CBR

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How does this tie in to Franklin's explanation from #574? Does this make Subterranea one of the four cities?

This is from CBR. I already said in my own journal that I'm super-excited for what Hickman's up to. Now, I am more so.
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Two-Face Tuesday: The Charlatan, Part 2

The second and final part of "Dead Reckoning," a seemingly-forgotten six-part DETECTIVE COMICS story by Ed Brubaker featuring one of the most intriguing (and since unused) new villains to appear in BATMAN comics over the past decade.

Seriously, what the heck did the Rogues DO to this poor(?) guy? )

It kind of boggles my mind that no one's done anything with the Charlatan since this story, back in July 2003. He hasn't even gotten so much as a cameo in an Arkham cell! Such a shame. Just think of the potential for an insane method actor and master of disguise with the inability to feel fear!

Plus, just imagine: he could have an in-Arkham romance with Jane Doe... assuming the two could find one another. And maybe since he's a lover of Lon Chaney and Boris Karloff, perhaps Sloane's an admirer of Basil Karlo! I could totally see the Charlatan and Clayface putting on a grand theatrical production of crime and horror. But then, maybe that's just the ham actor in me.
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Jason explains his mask fetish

Hi, my name is Jason and I would just like to come out and say I have a problem with masks. I CAN'T STOP WEARING THEM. It's an addiction!

One page from Green Arrow 70.

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Creator: Judd Winick
Char: Robin/Red Hood/Jason Todd
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A last minute Christmas treat!

Well, it's less than 10 minutes (local time) until the 6th of January, Twelfth night, the Feast of Epiphany when it is traditional to take down Christmas decorations, so I just have time to slip this in under the wire. A couple of DC's official invitations to their annual Christmas party.

As you might hope, these are a little more creative than many such invitations

Now who could THAT be holding the "tree" together?
Merry Saturnalia Judeo-Christian heroes! )