Jan. 15th, 2010

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This morning, it was announced that Marv's and Perez's on-again off-again perpetually on hiatus Teen Titans project, Games, is pretty much finished. Beneath the cut is the cover and an interview about the project -- 120 pages of classic Perez stuff, 80 of them were drawn way back during their NTT run. BEHOLD, THE NIGHTWING DISCO OUTFIT, Beast Boy's hideous hairstyle, and the Troia ... Troia...garage sale outfit thing. It'll be out this year.

is dat some danny chase )
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Herc and Amadeus continue to improvise as they go. Newsarama as the Assault on New Olympus continues. Now I know what this group of heroes was doing during Siege.

I love it when a plan comes together... yeah, right.  )


Jan. 15th, 2010 01:30 pm
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Time once again for you to pester your fellow SDers with requests.

Once a month we will have a requests post where members can ask for certain scans to be posted. Other members seeking inspiration can look through the requests and fulfill someone's dream. Posting a request is no guarantee of its being filled, but request posts will be archived so that members can look through comments from previous months and answer them if they so desire.

So Scans Daily, what do you want?

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Whilst I was visiting my folks in upstate Minnesota this holiday season, we visited a thrift store, where I stumbled across a couple of doctor comics from the early 1960s. Naturally, I thought of you folks.

The first up is "Ben Casey" #2, the October 1962 issue. The "Ben Casey" show ran from 1961 through 1966, produced by Bing Crosby Productions and airing on ABC. The title character, an intense and idealistic young neurosurgeon, was portrayed by Vincent Edwards. His wise mentor was Dr. David Zorba, played by Sam Jaffe. Each episode opened with Dr. Zorba intoning the words up there in my post title, while a hand wrote the symbol for each on a chalkboard.

This cover looks back at you. )

And now, our feature presentation, 8 1/3 pages of 25:
Bite the Hand.. )

And now a short feature, 1 1/3 pages of four.

Dial Emergency... )

And to round off this post, a vintage ad.

Here for the painful wordplay )

Next time, Dr. Kildare!

Your thoughts, comments, medical nitpicks?

suggested tags:
publisher: Dell Publishing
theme: doctors and nurses
title: Ben Casey
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As requested by [personal profile] mas, a scene where Zatanna talks to her therapy group about her relationship with her father. Five scans from Seven Soliders: Zatanna #1.

Rabbits included )
suggested tags: char: zatanna zatara, char: giovanni zatara, creator: grant morrison, creator: ryan sook, publisher: dc comics
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Filling the request of [personal profile] mullon for more Gunnerkrigg, and [personal profile] box_in_the_box for Coyote specifically. This is a very spoilery and image-heavy post.

First off, have a helpful map, courtesy of Chapter 20.

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medium: webcomic
title: gunnerkrigg court
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Originally posted on SD1.0 and back by request some pages from Robin#10 during DC's zero hour event where Tim Drake meets a younger Dick Grayson. Some context, Tim is working to hunt
down a thief who plans his heists and getaway very carefully.

I like the long pants )
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Kory you slut...


Group:The X-men, group: The Teen Titans,Char:Darkseid,Char:Dark Phoenix,creator:Walt Simonson,publisher:Dc comics/Marvel comics

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Siege ends in April and it seems that Marvel has decided to end all four of its core Avengers books with the event (and presumably relaunch them in the Summer). IGN has the solicits here.

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 This is a panel from Amazing Spider-Man #365, from a backup story written by Stan Lee and Tom DeFalco and illustrated by John Romita Sr. I'll post some of the context later, but for now, I thought I'd post this one solitary panel which is particularly tragic in light of current affairs.

No, you wouldn't... but Peter would. : ( 
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Celebrated short story writer Scott Snyder and artist Rafael Albuquerque will launch a new monthly comic book series from Vertigo in March 2010 with a unique contribution from New York Times bestselling novelist Stephen King. The new ongoing series, AMERICAN VAMPIRE, will introduce readers to a new breed of vampire—a more muscular and vicious species of vampire with distinctly American characteristics. The series’ first story arc, to be told over the course of five issues, will feature two different stories, one written by Snyder, the other by King.

More Info and 2 Teaser Images )

creator: stephen king
creator: scott snyder
creator: rafael albuquerque
publisher: vertigo/dc comics
title: american vampire
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in exchange for an exclusive cover issue of Siege #3!

Saw this up at Newsarama, and thought it might provoke some discussion, an announcement from Marvel Comics to their retailers.

Seems a little... odd, to say the least )
title: excalibur
char: shadowcat/kitty pryde
char: magik/illyana rasputin
char: cypher/doug ramsey
creator: chris claremont
creator: alan davis

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Title: Bloom County: Penguin Dreams And Stranger Things
Creator: Berkeley Breathed
Availability: Out of Print, but IDW's working on it.

Today, I should like to share with you my favorite of the Bloom County cast: Oliver Wendell Jones. What nerd doesn't empathize with the bookish, brainy, slightly rebellious kid whose parents mean well, but don't quite get it?

Progress, Dr. Oppenhiemer? )
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Four pages from X-Men Forever #15, in which we catch up with what the evil version of Storm has been up to since killing Wolverine and fleeing the X-Men.

The rising Storm )

creator: chris claremont, creator: tom grummett, title: x-men forever, group: x-men


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