Jan. 16th, 2010

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[personal profile] sailorlibra requested Bronze Age Lois Lane. Here are 6 and a half pages from a 20-page story, "The Day Lois Lane Walked All Over Superman," from Superman Family #183, May-June 1977. It's also the story that gives us a rather famous image, one that I considered using as the preview image, but in the end I couldn't resist a lovely image from the Neal Adams-drawn cover, especially since it encapsulates part of the story I had to cut:

I-I'll do anything, Lois! J-just don't hurt me... )
Whatta ya think, gang? Cracky enough for ya?
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I know any joke I make would pale in comparison to this jaw-dropping state of awesome, so I won't even try.

suggested tags: char: superman/clark kent, char: lana lang
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There are further implications as to who and what the Void is. And the preview images behind the cut kinda scare me, as they come from nowhere but would explain a LOT about the power behind ... well I've said enough. IGN has the preview and hints at more. 2 behind the cut.

Holy crap  )
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tags: creator: don newton, creator: steve mitchell, creator: marv wolfman, creator: irv novick, creator: frank mclaughlin, title: batman, char: batman/bruce wayne, char: nightwing/robin/dick grayson, char: catwoman/selina kyle, char: talia al ghul
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After missing their projected Fall '09 launch date, digital comics distributor Longbox Digital is finally showing signs of life. The private beta is in progress, and they're making noises that suggest the public beta phase may not be far away. But they already seem to have competition from Graphic.ly. Not much there, but they seem to be going with the same "iTunes for Comics" business model, with a greater focus on community, but also at a higher price-point than Longbox's projected per download cost. Interesting. No word so far on Graphic.ly's DRM or which publishers -- if any -- they have on board.

According to the latest Previews, vocal homophobe Orson Scott Card will be penning the comic-book continuation of Bioware's Dragon Age: Origins RPG. *sigh* Dear IDW: You just lost a good chunk of the goodwill you got for the Bloom County reprints. I will be keeping my four bucks.

And now, a question for the community: what are your comic-buying habits? I was contemplating my own today, and I figured I'd ask. I'm not necessarily talking about what's on your pull-list -- though, by all means, feel free to share -- but more along the lines of if you prefer monthlies or trade-waiting. What does it take to get you to pick up a new comic? What does it take to get you to drop a comic? LCS, Amazon, or eBay? That sort of thing.

Sharing and dinosaurs under the cut )
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Someone requested the DCAU comic where Batman met Joe Chill. This is one of those issues that's difficult to cut down to 7 pages, because no matter how hard you try, you inevitably lose a couple pages that have a LOT of impact. Still, even the cut version's worth a read.

It's your dream again. Your own personal nightmare that's been with you for decades. )

7 pages out of 21, from Batman Adventures 17.

Tags (if we're still in lockdown): char:joe chill, char: batman/bruce wayne, creator: ty templeton, creator: rick burchett, title: batman adventures, setting: dcau
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So as of the end of last issue, the Carrier's out of juice, stranding the Authority on an Earth that's latched onto a slumbering Lovecraft-ian entity. What next?

Four pages from The Authority: The Lost Year #5...

The team's biggest bodycount yet? )

title: the authority, creator: keith giffen, creator: grant morrison, creator: darick robertson, publisher: wildstorm, group: the authority
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Soichi is back in mischievous young boy form, which means we're in for a lot of cruelty, slapstick and good times. And if that's not what you're into, I guarantee the next thing I post will be Soichi-free.

Here comes the second story of NEW VOICES IN THE DARK, which may as well be subtitled SOICHI GETS A CAT. As you follow this story towards the horrifying conclusion which has already formed itself in your mind, take a minute or two to stop and admire the expression Ito puts into these bloody cats. These illustrations are a real labour of love, and I can't help but feel that nobody could love cats that much without first making room by subtracting some of the love they should have for their fellow man.

Recommended for both cat people and non-cat people. Enjoy!

7 scans under the cut )
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In lieu of the Cap and Diamondback date night, which I can't find right now, I thought I'd post something a lot rarer, another piece from "The Hero Alliance, the Innovation title from the early 90's.

This 13 page story was an amusing little vignette starring the three most prominent, in every sense of the word, female members of the team.

If you're going to do a story featuring three attractive women, there are few better choices for cover artist than George Perez!

Running from top to bottom, these three ladies are Renata Dubois, aka Gossamer, a recovering junkie, who recently discovered that her drug use had not only led to her child being taken into care, but screwed up the development of her natural powers of phasing and flight. She's now working with the Alliance partly because civic service like that will help her in her trying to get her son back (as a balance to her criminal record), but also because she wants to try and make up for the mess she made of her own and other peoples lives). The blonde is Tawny Winters (No codename, as a newscaster and part time, unmasked superhero she's too well known for that to work) an empathic metamorph who finds herself subtly altering her appearance to become everyone's fantasy woman, she's also discovering she has some healing powers too. The brunette is Kris Dunlop, the Golden Guard, second-generation hero with superstrength and flight.

The ladies have a night out planned and find all sorts of things can happen...

As I was going to St Ives... )

creator: george broderick jr
creator: matt thompson
creator george perez
title: hero alliance
publisher: innovation
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Hard as it is to believe now, there was actually time when Archie Comics used to have variety. Sure, Archie became a pretty popular title fairly early on, but it didn't stop Archie Comics from publishing other things. They published romance comics, horror comics, science fiction comics, funny animal comics and even (gasp!) comics about teenagers that had nothing do to do with Archie.

Suzie 60 - Supergal - Header

And then, there was Suzie Comics, a comic about a vivacious, but not terribly bright young woman who couldn't seem to hold down a job to save her life. In this adventure, our heroine winds up working for a comic book artist. Let's see what happens.

The following story was published in Suzie Comics#60. Writer and artist unknown.

A creepy artist guy wants me to pose for him. Gee, what could possibly go wrong? (8 pages under the cut) )


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