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3.5 pages...

The physicist and the artist... )

title: the brave and the bold, creator: j michael straczynski, publisher: dc comics, char: atom/ray palmer, char: joker
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So today (in America; it still counts!) is the fifth anniversary of my first post to the community! I guess that makes it my scansiversary? I considering doing a reprise of that very same entry, but those scans are either a) stuff I'm no longer into or b) have been reposted multiple times. Instead I thought I'd scavenge a couple of my favorite bits from my 1.0 Mary Jane series, oh so long ago.

Behind the cut, Mary Jane and Peter's first kiss as a serious couple, way back in Conway and Andru's Amazing Spider-Man #143. Also, answers to two questions you didn't know you wanted to know about their relationship: Why does Mary Jane call Peter "tiger?" and What's Peter and MJ's song?

"Answer one question for me before I leave." )
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Since 20th Century Fox is considering restarting the FANTASTIC FOUR series, I thought I'd post a page that gives an unusual but strong look into the heart of Ben Grimm through Rogue.

The profound text makes it clear that it's Chris Claremont writing. Jon Bogdanove did the artwork for the FANTASTIC FOUR VS. THE X-MEN miniseries.

Full page and casting speculation after the cut. )
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More from The Filth. Greeting you at the door, it's the corrupting meme that walks like a man: Spartacus Hughes.

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In 1940, the World War II was in full swing. United States was still a neutral country, but more and more Americans were starting to feel that their nation should break from it's long-held isolationist policy and join the fight. Many of those Americans were writing comic books, and it was only natural that their beliefs made their way into their work. In most cases, this involved having their heroes taking on the Nazis or their thinly veiled proxies. But sometimes, the writers took it a step further.

Super-Mystery Comics Vol 1 05 - Vulcan - Header

In Ave Periodicals' Super-Mystery Comics #5 (Volume 1), an unknown writer had Vulcan, the fire-controlling, Human Torch-esque son of the eponymous Roman god, take down people who had the audacity to *gasp* speak out against the possibility of American engagement in what (to many US citizens) was still an oversees conflict their country had no business of being involved in. Granted, they turned out to be agents of an unnamed Axis power, but Vulcan didn't know that. He just assumed that protesting the war = traitors and proceeded to beat them up. Which, when you think about it, carries all sorts of troubling implications.

Vulcan vs Freedom of Speech (12 Pages under the cut) )

And, as a bonus - ever wonder how Golden Age comic book publishers decided which features to publish and which features to cancel?

It's hard to say, but surveys like this probably helped )

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A few months back I posted part of a story where Wedge Antilles, the least-appreciated badass in Star Wars, flashes back to when pirates killed his parents.  But that wasn't when he decided to join the Rebel Alliance.  This is "Lucky", a story subtitled "The Curse of Wedge Antilles", which was printed in Star Wars Tales # 23.  It's only fifteen pages long, so I'm putting up five of them, which is fortunately enough to show the story.  I'm not all that sold on the art here, but I love Wedge, so!

Everyone has a story to tell. Most of them are tragic. )

Requested tags: char: wedge antilles, title: star wars
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One of my favorite DC couples is Guy and Tora. I don't know why, but there's just something so frickin' adorable about the couple. And this story, from Justice League Quarterly, is one of my favorite stories concerning them.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Guy Gardner at his most charming beneath the cut )

suggested tags - char: green lantern/warrior/guy gardner, char: ice/tora olafsdotter, char: oberon, char: fire/beatriz da costa, creator: j.m. dematteis, creator: darick robertson, publisher: dc comics, creator: john beatty, creator: kevin dooley
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Skin Horse is the current strip of Shaenon Garrity of Narbonic fame, and Jeffrey Wells, about a social services team dedicated to helping intelligent non-human creations of mad science and similar forces. The cast is terrific, featuring cross-dressing girl magnet Tip, intelligent but non-aggressive talking dog Sweetheart, and not-so-intelligent and entirely too aggressive patchwork zombie Unity. It's a fantastic strip with several storylines already in the archives, so go and have a good read.

In any case, this is today's strip, and I figured y'all know what to do with it.

relevant to our interests )
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Antarctic Press is trying to get enough pre-orders to justify printing Gold Brick V, a big honkin' volume of Gold Digger stuff (25 issues), and throwing in signed copies of Sherlock Ninja and pages of original art as well. Because print costs have risen enough in the last few years that if they don't get pre-orders, it's not happening.

And I want one ^^ So I'm hoping you will too.

Scans of GD and Sherlock ninja behind cut )

So if you have interest in getting it at any point in the future, now's the time!

Brick 5's cover

recommended tags:
creator: Fred Perry
title: Gold Digger
title: sherlock ninja
publisher: antarctic press


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