Feb. 3rd, 2010

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There is this one image that is causing all kinds of commotion over at the CBR boards, and since I have yet to make it to my comic shop, I thought I'd share what I found online. CBR Forums has the most dailed down and honest discussion so far, but I thought this group here could do better at translating the art before us.

Delvian Union )
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Four scans from Wolverine: Weapon X #10.

Once more unto the breach. )

char: wolverine/logan/james howlett, char: storm/ororo munroe, char: melita garner, creator: jason aaron, creator: c. p. smith, title: wolverine weapon x, publisher: marvel comics
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The Source has a variant cover for GL Corps 46 by Greg Horn. Beware that it's a fairly big spoiler.

The Ultimate Black Lantern )

Suggested tags: creator: Greg Horn, title: Green Lantern Corps, event: Blackest Night
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Four pages from Doom Patrol #7...

This issue clearly takes place after Blackest Night, though there isn't anything in the way of spoilers for that event.

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title: doom patrol, group: doom patrol, creator: keith giffen, publisher: dc comics, creator: matthew clark
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When DC Comics decided to bring back Quality Comics characters, it only revived some of them. The most recent Freedom Fighters series (whatever it was called) gave them an opportunity to revive a few more. But there is one character DC Comics will never, ever revive. A character with an origin that, quite frankly... Well, see for yourself.

The following story originally appeared in Smash Comics #16. Art and writing by Harry Campbell.

Racial sensitivity? What racial sensitivity? (Five pages under the cut) )
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Fun idea for a book . I think DC should bring it back. This version is from the 80's reader could create heroes and mail them in ,winner appeared in the book. I can only imagine how many large breasted slutty costumes heroines sprang from the minds of 13 year-old boys...

Tags Group: Dial H for hero,Title: Adventure Comics, creator: Carmine Infantino
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IIM #23

Feb. 3rd, 2010 10:41 pm
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So, in the previously posted preview, Maria and Pepper each found out that the other had slept with Tony during-


Sorry, momentary rage blackout at remembering that arc. Anyway, they found out. Two pages of quietly seething fallout (and not one, but two truly hilarious Pepper!Faces) under the cut.

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tags: char: maria hill, char: pepper potts, creator: matt fraction, creator: salvador larroca


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