Mar. 9th, 2010

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To complement stubbleupdate's Ares minipost here's an Ares megapost, from the miniseries that kicked-off the character's modern-age revival.

Warning - Unexpecting Cuddly Ares under this Cut )

suggested tags: char: ares/marvel, char: phobos/alexander aaron, creator: michael avon oeming, creator: travel foreman
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In this next entry, we have the two companies' greatest concepts of bombastic warriors in fantastic realms merged into one. Lee/Lieber/Kirby's Thor meets Kirby's Orion...

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posted this at the old S_D 1.0. thought i'd re-post here:

classic golden age wondie. now featuring steve "the brain" trevor!

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eta: why steve is dressed as he is in the 4th dimension:

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suggested tags: creator: william moulton marston, creator: h.g. peter, era: golden age, title: sensation, publisher: dc comics, char: wonder woman/diana of themyscira, char: steve trevor
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So last time we left the two groups of young people about to do battle with Marvel Boy and Xavin with a snapped neck which was stupid. I’m surprised it wasn’t pointed out last time but they expected us to feel any kind of surprise or tension when Marvel Boy snapped Xavin’s neck. He’s a Skrull, you know a shape shifter. A Snapped neck is like an inconvenience to them and they expect us to buy this was legitimate danger, and that Marvel Boy a war hardened Kree who has spent his life before coming to our universe fighting Skrull would be dumb enough to do that to one and stop thinking of it as a threat. My brain hurts.

More disjointed ranting below. )

Edit: I reuploaded the pictures to my rarey used imageshack account. If this doesn't work I'll delete this page and wait a month for my photobucket bandwidth to come back.

Tags: event: civil war, group: young avengers, group: runaways, char: molly hayes, char: chase stein, char: nico minoru, char: xavin, char: Karolina dean, char victor manchu, char: old lace, char: vision/jonas, char: patriot/eli bradley, char: stature/cassie lang, char: speed/tommy shepherd, char: wiccan/billy kaplan, char: hulkling/teddy altman, char: hawkeye/kate bishop, char: captain america/steve rogers, char: marvel boy/captain marvel/noh-varr, creator: zeb wells, creator: stefano caselli,
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Two weeks later (appropriately enough), I have returned! Huzzah until the next time I have to hit the road!

Somehow, Harvey became the unofficial Baptism-of-Fire for the Robins. The first three, I mean: Dick, Jason, and Tim.

It's one of those strange connections that no one seems to have noticed, save for a lone off-handed mention. Even then, nothing ever seems to have made of this unique tie that each of the Robins have to this particular character. And yet, it proved to be so enduring that the idea of Two-Face being instrumental to the creation of a Robin that it made its way to both BATMAN FOREVER and BATMAN: THE ANMATED SERIES!

But why Two-Face? Because he's often been considered the second greatest villain for Batman, so who better for the sidekick to face off against? It probably wasn't even that thought-out. See what you make of it, as I take you to the first part of my Robins post, focusing on A LONELY PLACE OF DYING... aka, the introduction of Tim Drake!

Don't get too far ahead of yourself there, Harv... )

Suggested tags:

char: two-face/harvey dent
char: batman/bruce wayne
char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson
char: robin/red robin/tim drake
char: alfred pennyworth
char: robin/red hood/jason todd
creator: marv wolfman
creator: jim aparo
creator: tom grummett
creator: george perez
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This is my attempt at a contribution to Gratuitous Butt Shot Week

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I was going to include the one where MA!Storm is saying her posters sell better than Cap's but that's been posted before.

C&P tags:
series: gratuitous butt shot week
char: storm/ororo munroe
char: invisible woman/susan storm
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According to my memory and the tags, we have never had a Moomins post on s_d.

My friends. This is a TRAVESTY.

Here is one page containing four strips (each story takes about twenty pages), to whet your appetites.

(Each story even starts with a buttshot, you guys!)


Come on in to this wonderful blue house )

Suggested tags:
series: gratuitous butt shot week, char: moomintroll, title: moomin, creator: tove jansson, theme: genderswap
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For Gratuitous Butt Shot week I have to resort to an uncoloured preview, but this is a rare gem so it's worth it. Behold, under the cut, Midnighter butt!

One preview page from an upcoming issue of The Authority: The Lost Year )


title: the authority, character: the midnighter, creator: Brandon Badeaux, series: gratuitous butt-shot week
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So, in response to this thread and subsequent posts by [personal profile] benicio127 on Jason Todd and [personal profile] icon_uk on Dick Grayson, I thought I'd add a few scans of Tim Drake for comparison purposes along with a couple more of Jason. I hope they don't mind me butting in.

Ouch, these butt puns are getting worse and worse! :P )

Now co-starring Jubilee )

Now here are some Jason scans. Onyx is also in them.
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And just to finish things off (and for the community's enjoyment), here's some Babs as Batgirl )

Hope you enjoyed them! :)

suggested tags - char: robin/red robin/tim drake, char: jubilee/jubilation lee, char: robin/red hood/jason todd, char: onyx, char: batgirl/oracle/barbara gordon, creator: alan grant, creator: norm breyfogle, creator: steve mitchell, creator: adrienne roy, creator: ron marz, creator: jackson guice, creator: josef rubenstein, creator: lee loughridge, creator: judd winick, creator: paul lee, creator: cam smith, creator: alex sinclair, creator: doug moench, creator: mike manley, series: gratuitous butt shot week
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I'm currently culling my comic collection and I keep coming across stuff that got lost in the com's various moves. One of these things is Midnighter's 2006 solo series which, okay, ended pretty badly but had a strong run before it got to that point (well, okay, except for issue 6, but we'll get to that later). I'll be making various posts from it over the next few days.

This is from issue #4 and one of the real high points.

Midnighter meets the Nazi Youth )

Coming soon: Midnighter rescues a kittie and Garth Ennis lets his inner 12-year-old yaoi fangirl out to play.

suggested tags:
char: midnighter
creator: garth ennis
creator: peter snejbjerg
publisher: wildstorm
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And that's a cross-section of Volume one.

I gots V.2 as well.. anybody interested?

char: moomintroll, title: moomin, creator: tove jansson
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Since I won't be able to get my Phonogram post up tonight, I figured I'd pull something else to show you guys.
So, I figure, what's the harm in a little shameless plug? )
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My last post for the theme had a Songbird panel from Avengers Forever. Which made me remember all the other nice ass shots in Avengers Forever. Of course, none are really gratuitous, but being Pacheco work, they're still very nice, even if the coloring drives me up the damn wall.

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Tags: char: ant-man/wasp/hank pym, char: captain america/steve rogers, char: captain marvel/genis-vell, char: hawkeye/clint barton, char: kang the conqueror, char: kree intelligence, char: rick jones, char: songbird/melissa gold, char: thor, char: wasp/janet van dyne, creator: carlos pacheco, creator: kurt busiek, group: avengers, publisher: marvel, series: gratuitous butt shot week


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