Mar. 28th, 2010

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So, final issue. It wraps up the entire storyline they've been going. (Yes, MA Spider-man had a storyline)

One page of George Stacey being awesome, and some bits and pieces I found funny.  )

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It's science versus sorcery, round 2, in The Authority: The Lost Year #7.

Four pages )

title: the authority, creator: keith giffen, creator: grant morrison, creator: brian stelfreeze, creator: joel gomez, publisher: wildstorm
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After a week of announcements, we now have the full roster for Robert Kirkman's Guardians of the Globe series. CBR has some info on the raison d'etre of the series, namely that Invincible will be tied up in Viltrumite War, so this will focus on what happens to the rest of the world while he's busy. It's a six issue mini that's going to make the Guardians of the Globe team actually be global, which is quite cool.

Guardians of the Globe Roster )
So... two existing characters and three new ones from the announced five. The current Guardians of the Globe plus alumni will also feature, apparently. I'm looking forward to it, since.. you know... it's Invincible. Art is by Ransom Getty, who drew Skull Kill Krew.


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