Mar. 30th, 2010

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I finally got myself an account around here and I wanted to celebrate this with an Eddie/Rose Megapost - my personal "never really happened"-OTP. But since I had a mean visit to the dentist's today, I'll post one of the more sad moments of their "relationship".

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In response to a request from Shadowpsykie, here's Action Comics #662.

For the previous fifty years, the Superman mythos had a status quo of "Lois Lane loves Superman, but isn't too keen on his secret identity Clark Kent. Meanwhile, Superman loves Lois, but conceals his double life from her for various reasons." But with the reboot of the franchise after Crisis on Infinite Earths the relationships had slowly progressed, and by 1991, Lois had gotten over her Superman obsession enough to realize that she had feelings for Clark, and they got engaged.

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It occurs to me that this kind of blocks off Silver Banshee's appearance in this issue; if at some future point someone's doing a character profile on SB, let me know and I'll trim a few pages at that point to make room.

Otherwise, your thoughts, comments, questions?

suggested tags
char: Lois Lane
char: Silver Banshee
char: Superman/Clark Kent
creator: Bob McLeod
creator: Brett Breeding
creator: Kerry Gammill
creator: Roger Stern
publisher: DC Comics
title: Action Comics
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I am under the firm belief that we need more Cissie up in here so here is 7 pages of her first appearance in Impulse 28

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SUGGESTED TAGS: char: arrowette/cissie king-jones, char: impulse/kid flash/bart allen, creator: tom peyer, creator: craig rosseau,title: impulse, publisher: dc comics
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No, it's not DC comics because of Lian... )

creator: Sophie Golstein, creator: Jenn Jordan, medium: webcomic, char: Darwin Carmichael, char: Skittles, char: Batman/Bruce Wayne


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