Apr. 18th, 2010

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Apologies for the oft-delayed second entry in this series, but things have been hectic and I procrastinate a lot.

Anwyay! Today I have a special treat for you. Especially if you're Canadian. This is Sensacional De Luchas #446, published in April, 1994.

Sensacional De Luchas was a long-running comic book series published by Editorial Ejea in the 80's and 90's - Mexico's had wrestling comics of various kinds over the years, either drawn, or with still pictures of the wrestlers themselves. The book featured whatever wrestlers were popular at the time, either in solo adventures, team-ups, or a book-long story detailing a feud between wrestlers. This particular one stars El Vampiro Canadiense (The Canadian Vampire) as the good guy, and Pierroth as the bad guy.

Yes, El Vampiro Canadiense. He's a real wrestler. (He recently broke some vertebrae in his back, though, so he's currently out of commission.)

Anyway! Comic. Yeah. Behind the cut are around 20-odd pages from a 95 page comic book. Much of it was filler, so you're not missing much. This scan is not mine, so I apologize for the blurry pictures.

Yes, this guy was considered hot. )
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In 1993/4 an unknown artist found himself propelled to the big leagues in comics via a 4 issue stint on the soon to be cancelled Moon Knight series from Marvel.

11 big images under the cut.

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Joe Kelly's run on the JLA after Morrison's and Waid's runs on the title was the last great run on it, but it was extremely divisive amongst fans. Kelly introduced new characters, one which was a pretty blatant Mary Sue, had these really huge ideas that didn't necessarily appeal to everyone and did try some rather unorthodoxic approach to some of the characters. Still, I'm a huge fan of his run as it did have that League of Gods feel to it and just had the Big 7 be the utter badasses they so much are. I'm actually tempted to post the Wally scene from his last arc where we see Wally really show what being the Flash is all about.

Of Love and Loss )

Suggested tags: Char: Batman/Bruce Wayne, Char: Wonder Woman, Creator: Joe Kelly

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A roundup of the X-Men news from C2E2 - not as much news as in some other places, but undoubtedly that's because of "Second Coming" still being only in the early stages.

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creator: adi granov, creator: paco medina, creator: jae lee, group: x-men, char: x-23/laura kinney, char: wolverine/logan/james howlett, publisher: marvel comics
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Yesterday, I brought you my favourite combination of subject matter, theme and artist coming together in sublime perfection.

Today, alas, the universal laws of karma mean I must counterbalance it with a couple for posts to bring fear and terror to your hearts.

This first one has an excellent artist, Ben Dunn of Ninja High School and others, but a subject matter and theme which may cause an aneurysm in some.

Even polar bears can't save this one, and that's a MEAN looking polar bear
Coming soon from Antarctic Press.... )
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Part of DC's positioning in announcing J.H Williams as writer and artist on the new Batwoman book was his work on "Chase" a 10 issue series from 1998 focusing on Cameron Chase. Williams did the art and the "plotting" of the book.
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Newsarama has various solicitations up. I've included two in this post (for Action Comics and Booster Gold.)

Who's there? Orange. Orange who? )

Suggested tags: genre: solicitations, title: action comics, title: Booster Gold, creator: David Finch, creator: Kevin Maguire, creator: Paul Cornell, creator: Keith Giffen, creator: J.M. Dematteis, char: Lex Luthor, char: Booster Gold, char: Blue Beetle/Ted Kord, char: Maxwell Lord.
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The "yawn" perhaps?

Well, this is the other part of the penance.

The last post had nice art, but a freaky story, this has an almost vaguely competent story (kinda) but the ART...

The Gladiators, was the UK version of the American Gladiators show. Same basic principle. Athletes with assumed identities and names in mock combat with members of the public to compete for prizes. It was like a more versatile approach to Wrestling I suppose.

The Gladiators became media celebrities in their own right; they were either physically imposing or attractive, wore spandex a lot, encouraged fair play and sportsmanship and were usually extraordinarily fit, as well as quite prepared to buy into the hype, essentially, they gave good TV.

They all had catchy, superheroic sounding names; Wolf (a particular favourite of the fans, a slightly older guy, all scowling and wannabe Wolverine attitude), Saracen, Shadow, Lightning, Blaze, Jet, Hawk, Zodiac, Nightshade... so perhaps the next licensing effort was rather obvious...

From the depths of 1993 (and found accidentally when cleaning out a box of really old crap I thought I'd long since disposed of) comes....

Now that's not especially bad art, it's not GOOD, but it's sort of competent...

6-ish pages out of 19 below the cut.

Click on the link, but shield your eyes! )

creator: kev f sutherland, title: gladiators


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