May. 7th, 2010

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I take no responsibility for the title, but Episode 29 of Made Of Fail is up. We got Linkara from Atop the Fourth Wall to do a BLACKEST NIGHT roundup with us, and then we get into a huge conversation about feminism, sexism and sexuality in comics. You'll love it. Give us a download.

Also, you may recognize one of our own within the first five minutes of the episode. I'm being coy because it's going to be really, really obvious. :)

2 panels from GREEN LANTERN #53 as a not-so-subtle clue )
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The economy is bad, things are rough all over and with the way oil and Europe is going, its going to get grim again soon. So look for a new sign of Hope and Change, as a new job position has opened up. CosmicBookNews has the guy who is ... headhunting... for the Big Important Job. Two pages behind the cut.

Where do I sign, and do I need to state my work experience in Klingon? )
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Brightest Day #1 is out this week, and while the jokes have already been made about the White Power rings supposedly shipped with it, the book itself displays some very troubling racial politics.

About four pages behind the cut )


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