May. 14th, 2010

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So...imagine the French Revolution peppered with the world's least competent vampires.

Free the masses! )

The whole story can be read here.

Suggested tags: medium: webcomic, genre: humor
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Tags: group: legion of super-heroes,publisher: dc comics,title: adventure comics,char: superboy/kon-el/conner kent,char: brainiac 5/querl dox,char: brainiac 2/vril dox,creator: James Robison ,creator: bernard chang

The brainiac bunch )
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I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty excited he's on Red Robin. I just wish I knew how to pronounce his last name...

The interview is at Newsarama here

Here's some choice interview bits I liked:

He is “the smart one” of the Bat-family, the thinker and planner. I mean, of course Bruce Wayne/Batman is what he is, and Tim isn’t quite there yet, but Tim at 17 has a more developed intellect than Bruce at 17 did. That’s not to say Dick Grayson or Barbara Gordon are dumb, of course they’re not, but Tim’s level of thinking is a bit... thicker... than theirs. For me, Dick is about superior reflexive thinking, Barbara about superior operational thinking and Tim is about superior comprehensive, or all-encompassing, thinking.

What I love about Tim is that he shares some of the strongest traits of various Bat-family members. The intellect and detective skills of Bruce, the ability to lead others and be a friend to others like Dick has and even the ability to make cold, harsh decisions like Jason does. I’m not sure Damian has “best traits” yet to emulate. I kid, I love Damian.

I had asked him a question about Tim's v-card at the DC message boards recently and I was excited to see he brought it up in this interview, as well.

“Who has Ra’s al Ghul ordered to take away Tim’s v-card – and will she succeed?”
“And if she doesn’t succeed, who else is on that ever-growing line looking to draw that card?”

Awww... )

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The recent story about Megan, a.k.a. Pixie, and her high school "experience" reaches it's conclusion. CosmicBookNews has the preview, and I love the inter-team taunts and verbal sparring. Some samples of the preview and posturing behind the cut.

The X-men meet Gilmore Girls. )
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Greetings True Believers! Here are four scans worth from Deadpool Team-Up #893. DP learns how they do things across the pond. It's full of Lolz. Enjoy!

Suggested Tags: char: captain britain/brian braddock, char: deadpool/wade wilson, title: deadpool, publisher: marvel comics, creator: rob williams, creator: matteo scalera

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Homage or tasteless cash-in? You decide!

This is from a 12 page story in Detective 484 in July 1979 (written by Jack C Harris, with art by Kurt Schaffenberger and Frank Chiaramonte), and dates to the time when Dick was a student at Hudson University, back before it was decided that Robin going to college was uncool..
But don't worry, there's no studying here! )

tags: char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson, title: detective comics, creator: jack c harris, creator: kurt schaffenberger, creator: frank chiaramonte
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By request, the Vigilante story from Adventure Comics #417, 3 1/3 pages of 10.

This is the Golden Age Vigilante, but a Silver Age edging into Bronze Age story--his first appearance since being reintroduced in JLA #78-79 with the other members of the Seven Soldiers of Victory.

This is not shaping up to be one of his better days. )

Your thoughts and comments?

If there's interest, there's two more stories in this issue, a Supergirl tale with gender!fail, and DC's first attempt at the magical girl subgenre. Anyone want to see either of those?

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char: Vigilante/Greg Saunders
creator: Grey Morrow
creator: Marv Wolfman
creator: Steve Skeates
publisher: DC Comics
title: Adventure Comics


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