May. 17th, 2010

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Of course, back then we were supposed to be shocked at the loss of innocence. Or something.

Hey Kids, it's my first post evar! I've been inventorying and sorting my comics collection and discovering good choices, bad choices and baffling choices. You can decide for yourself about this cut from DC's second attempt at trying to fix continuity, Zero Hour: A Crisis in Time. This was before DC became like a junkie, needing more frequent hits on the old continuity vein, each one giving less and less of a hit. 5 issues of trying to make it all make sense again...and making everything far, far worse. Here's 3 pages from the last issue.

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Courtesy of Newsarama, two solicitations.

Booster Gold and Batman: The Brave and the Bold under the cut )

suggested tags, genre: solicitation, title: Booster Gold, title: Batman: The Brave and The Bold, char: batman/bruce wayne, char: Booster Gold, char: Blue Beetle/Ted Kord, char: Mister Miracle/Scott Free, char: Big Barda, creator: Kevin Maguire, creator: Keith Giffen, creator: J.M. DeMatteis


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