May. 18th, 2010

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So I've been rereading BATMAN: NO MAN'S LAND, both the original comics and the novelization by one of the comics' leading writers, Greg Rucka.

What really struck me is how, unlike the vast majority of multi-title crossovers (especially one that ran for an entire year!), it was far more based in character than action and events. The only part that really feels like an EVENT is the finale, which feels shoehorned-in compared to the rest, right up to the gratuitous use of the Joker and the gratuitous death of a relatively major supporting character.

But much like THE DARK KNIGHT--another story with a large cast of Gotham citizens--the human core of the story is Commissioner Jim Gordon. Really, in the real of all-time great DC comic characters, I think Jimbo has to be in the top ten. He's perhaps the only life-sized character in Gotham City, as heroic as he is human.

(Personally, I thought it was a huge mistake to lose Gordon as a cast member. OFFICER DOWN was a good story, but what was the point in having GOTHAM CENTRAL without Commissioner Gordon? Or Harvey Bullock, for that matter! Bullock, Gordon, and Renee Montoya are the holy trifecta of Gotham Police awesomeness, and to lose 2/3rds really robbed GC of what it could/should have been. But that's another rant.)

But a key component with being human is to be tested, and for one's flaws to show through. And as this is Jim Gordon post-BATMAN: YEAR ONE--where he cheated on his pregnant wife with Lieutenant Sarah Essen--it's a hell of a character to throw in the middle of NO MAN'S LAND.

And while this is Two-Face Tuesday and Harvey features very prominently, I think the best way to kick off his series is to look at where Jim Gordon is psychologically and emotionally as NML kicks off... and where he finds himself before too long.

We are two of a kind, Commissioner... )

Next week, Part 2: Gordon gives Renee Montoya a mission, Two-Face makes his move, and bonus extra scenes exclusive only to the NML novel where Harvey Dent and Renee are reunited. You do not know awkwardly cute until you have seen Two-Face with a crush.

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I'm doing major canon review which means I'm going through his series in the 70s to right now. I've been reading Luke Cage Hero for Hire the past few days and finished it (now I'm on Power Man) and oh my god, this is the greatest title I've ever read. Or at least one of.

This is a picspam of Luke with love. Several panels from Hero for Hire. )

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char: power man/luke cage
char: dr. doom/victor von doom
title: hero for hire
publisher: marvel comics
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Wrapping up the scans of Adventure Comic #417 with 4 1/3 pages from the thirteen page Supergirl story, "All Men Are But Slaves!"

This scene does not appear in the story.

The normal rules of perspective don't apply )

Your thoughts, comments?

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char: Supergirl/Kara Zor-El/Linda Danvers
creator: Joe Orlando
creator: Steve Skeates
publisher: DC Comics
theme: sexism
title: Adventure Comics
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Whuzzat? Not enough !@#$ hitting the fan in your morning coffee? Haven't spit out enough of your afternoon lunch yet? In that case, I bring you the penultimate issue of the War of Frogs saga. Spoilers behind the cut for #4.

Burning in my mind. )
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The heck with it...This posting trend of mine is boring me. I'm taking a break from the man sex and focusing on other things. Like Psylocke, and male bondage...yeah....that's right....
Anyway, seeing this Green Lantern cover, I almost did a double take.
Suggestive Pose under the cut. )

in-joke: context is for the weak, char: green lantern, publisher: dc, in-joke: wtf

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I have to admit I have been starved for epic awesomeness on the board this week, the kind of stuff we got into comics for. Rather than bitch and moan, I decided to rekindle the fire and post one of the greatest expressions of comic book art, one of the defining issues for a well respected artist and scribe. I hope this post does it justice.

Few combined words raise more goose-pimples on people's bodies, make the heart pound and just leave the reader breathless than these:

- Walt Simonson.
- The Mighty Thor #380.
- Mjolnir's Song.

An entire comic made of splash pages, the captions told in verse and rhythm as if translating from the edda of Norse myth. A tale of valor and glory that demands a full orchestra and choir of the highest caliber. Of destiny met.

The stuff of legends.

*Not my scans, so forgive the editing. I have compiled them from tribute pages throughout the web
Would you know more. )
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A little bit of the humor of #379, the discussion before the big showdown as Thor meets Fing Fang Foom for the first time. The formalities must be followed.

*Again, not my scans.
I beg your pardon. )


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