May. 27th, 2010

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Greetings True Believers!

Here are a few scans from DOOMWAR #4. Dr. Doom is kicking T'Challa and the FF up and down the board. T'Challa needs to up the ante. Against the wishes of all involved, he opens the file marked M.A.D.

Mutually. Assured. Deadpool.

Suggested Tags: char: black panther/t'challa, char: mr. fantastic/reed richards, char: deadpool/wade wilson, publisher: marvel comics, title: doomwar, creator: jonathan maberry, creator: scot eaton

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Greetings True Believers!

I bring you scans from a fraking awesome X-Men one-shot. Second Comings Revelations: Blind Science.

It knocked my socks off. Two reasons. An amusing storyline and the fact that Doctor Nemesis is the shit. Seriously, he belongs in NEXTWAVE.

In this one-shot Dr. Kavita Rao, Madison Jeffries(Box) and Doctor Nemesis save the day....with SCIENCE!

Plus, nazi-dolphins.

Suggested Tags: char: dr. nemesis/james bradley, char: box/madison jeffries, char: kavita rao, group: x-club, event: second coming, publisher: marvel comics, creator: simon spurrier, creator: paul davidson, creator: francis portela

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char: the lizard/curt connors, creator: chris bachalo, creator: emma rios, creator: zeb wells, publisher: marvel comics, title: amazing spider-man, char: spider-man/peter parker
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Three pages from GL #54 under the cut.

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Suggested tags: title: green lantern, creator: geoff johns, creator: doug mahnke, char: ion/sodam yat, char: parallax, char: predator, char: sinestro, char: star sapphire/carol ferris, char: green lantern/hal jordan, publisher: dc comics, event: brightest day

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Gene Luen Yang, author of Animal Crackers and American Born Chinese, explains why he'll be boycotting The Last Airbender movie.

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He's provided a higher-res .pdf of the comic over at his blog.
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From Gordon of Gotham #1 and #2, approx 2 and half pages.

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But he is quite partial to flame-haired Irish men

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And can anyone please tell me what the heck his wife Barbara is going on about here because I really have no clue.

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tags - char: jim gordon, char: batman/bruce wayne, creator: dennis o'neil, creator: dick giordano, creator: klaus janson, publisher: dc comics


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