Jun. 1st, 2010

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Best idea I've heard all week: someone should write a novelization of LOST.

Just do the entire series in a single book. Perhaps like THE STAND, but even better edited to incorporate all the good stuff, cut out the dead weight, and revise things so that it all works better as a whole.

Because that's the inherent difficulty of writing for long-form serialized format, be it in TV or comics: no matter how well you plan it out, so many things can go wrong that can create plot holes, dropped threads, inconsistent characterization, etc. Maybe it can be avoided if it's all done by a single (extremely talented) writer, but it's damn well impossible with multiple writers.

That's why Greg Rucka's novelization of NO MAN'S LAND is largely superior to the original comics, both of which I've been rereading for the first time in years for these posts. He's able to iron out the kinks from the comics, even the ones he himself had originally written, while cutting out pointless subplots and letting other story elements breathe.

By and large, the actual stories of both are the same, with one major exception: the shared arcs of Jim Gordon, Renee Montoya, and Harvey Dent. Last post, it was the same, but with some added scenes of Harvey and Renee's interaction.

But starting here, the actual chain of events alters and their motivations deepen, turning what originally was a better-than-average crime/adventure story into something rather more complex and soul-searching.

Very little actual Batman behind the cut )

Next week, the grand finale: Jim Gordon('s soul) on trial, with Two-Face as the prosecutor, Harvey Dent as the defense, and Renee Montoya stuck in the middle.
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Something bright shines in the midst of despair... ) 

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Picking up from the last post.

Jalapeno! )

tags: title: gargoyles, creator: amanda conner, creator: martin pasko, creator: mort todd
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This is probably going to be disjointed and rather stream-of-consciousness. It was sparked by ponderings made after I got the news--if anyone's been curious as to where I've been, that's half of the answer; the other is that my main computer crapped out on me and it'll still be a little while before I get the funds together to fix it--and a general dissatisfaction with certain portrayals of certain illnesses in comics anyway (any die-hard fans of Judd Winick probably aren't going to like what I say about his portrayal of an HIV-positive character . . .).

Anyway, first the cut.
The Cancer Killing Scans_Daily )

I guess I have to put tag suggestions here? char: Captain Marvel/Mar-Vell, Marvel Graphic Novel aka The Death of Captain Marvel, discussion (I don't know quite how those should be tagged), anything else? I'm really bad at tags.

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque; I do recall an ad for the American Cancer Society, I think, depicting Commissioner Gordon dying of lung cancer from the mid-80s? or so . . .

18 Days

Jun. 1st, 2010 10:28 am
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Been a while where I have been in such awe that I would just shut up and let the work speak for itself. Newsarama has such an interview and preview of things to come.

*mods, forgive me, but these pics needs to be seen large to be appreciated.

Whoa. )
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2 1/2 pages from Brave & Bold #34, which teams up the Legion of Super-Heroes circa the old Adventure Comics days with the original Doom Patrol, for part 1 of a 2-part story. I just wanna know how much icon_uk had to pay the creative team here to get such a fanservice-y opening to our tale...

It's a fashion thing. )
tag suggestions.
char: cosmic boy/rokk krinn, char: lightning lad/livewire/garth ranzz, char: saturn girl/imra ardeen, creator: j. michael straczynski, creator: jesus saiz, group: legion of super-heroes, publisher: dc comics, title: the brave and the bold
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Newsarama has the preview for The Great Ten #8: The Shaolin Robot up here

Fu Xi, the Steve Jobs of the ancient Chinese, or possibly the Bill Gates?

Well, you can't say they haven't had enough time to work on the OS )

tags: title: the great ten, char: shaolin robot, creator: scott mcdaniel, creator: tony bedard, genre: previews

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IGN has the 1st couple of pages of #3, as that climax of #2 begins to unfold.

Fight for your Life. )


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