Jun. 15th, 2010

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Greetings True Believers!

Death Week is over but I had to add this post. I thought I lost this GN but I found it again today and it's too awesome to be ignored.

Zombie apocalypse vs. old-man samurai.

Suggested tags: publisher: idw, creator: el torres. creator: yair herrera, nsfw: gore, series: death week

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So soon after the loss of Frank Frazetta, it's particularly sad to note the passing of Al Williamson, a marvellous artist, best known, perhaps, for his seminal work on Flash Gordon

Most of the comic websites are doing much better tributes than I could hope to do, but given our love of all things related to the comics world, I thought it deserved a mention here.

The briefest of websearchs produced these samples of his work )

tags: creator: al williamson, title: flash gordon, title: star wars

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Dang. I saw this additional wordless preview image and I have to post it.

To whomever gets to post the info on the actual comic once it comes out, my apologies.
Just couldn't help myself.

CosmicBookNews has more wordless preview pages.

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A friend linked me to this earlier and it was just too awesome not to share.

Just what does Bucky think of Steve's new career move? )

From Gutters.

Suggested Tags: Medium: webcomic, char: Captain America/Steve Rogers, Char: Captain America/Bucky Barnes

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From the September Solicits comes a weekly, five part series - One Month to Live )

I've not heard anything about this story. Like Heralds, it's another month long event, which I quite like the sound of. Also, the premise is cool. Do you know anything by these authors/artists?
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Okay time to make a post of my favorite comic book collection, When Bongos Collide.

And you though Springfield can't get anymore insane. )


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