Jun. 25th, 2010

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Deadman has a conversation with a woman on a stairwell. Script by Neil Gaiman, art by Teddy Kristiansen.

Three pages from Solo #8 )

creator: neil gaiman, creator: teddy kristiansen, title: solo, publisher: dc comics, char: deadman/boston brand
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CosmicBookNews has the preview for #611, as the fallout of Loki's actions continues.

War in hell. )
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One more preview page from Newsarama. I thought about it long and hard (*heh*, he said long and hard) given the overload of Wade lately, but this page made me chuckle out loud, so it merits posting. Science! is about to meet it's ideal space monkey.

Yeah, and you're point, Reed? )
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XenoGenesis continues. ComicBookResources has the preview, and after all they have been through, Scott and Hank express how they really feel for one another.

Stay Golden, Scott )
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We're at our final issue of Archaia Comics Fraggle Rock mini-series. The good news is we're due for a hardcover collection in August and a second round of Fraggle stories in October. In the meantime let's dance our cares away.

Doozer and Gorg Spotlight Issue! )

Suggested Tags: publisher: archaia studios press, title: fraggle rock, creator: adrianne ambrose, creator joanna estep, creator: grace randolph, creator: whitney leith, creator bryce coleman, creator michael dimotta
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Having been burned out on Zombies since the beginning of the year, I do appreciate the fresh takes we've been getting on them thanks to Machine Man and Howard the Duck's cross-dimensional voyages. CosmicBookNews has the preview, we get a different kind of "zombie" to have our heroes "bring the noise" to. 2 behind the cut.

Jack the sound barrier, bring the noise )
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Here are two other variant covers. The only one that I don't think has been posted yet is the one with Ms Marvel. Anyway....

2 images under the cut )
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event: women of marvel variant covers
char: natasha romanov/black widow
char: emma frost/white queen

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It has to be something about the costume...

Eight Panels from Detective Comics #866 )

Suggested Tags: Char: Batman/Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson/Batman/Robin Creator: Dennis O'Neil, Char: Dustin Nguyen, Title: Detective Comics, In-Joke: My Parents are Dead
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Hey guys, it's the "Year of Women" at Marvel. So here's a post about a Marvel woman!! It's the fabulous supervillain career of quote-unquote Madame Natasha, otherwise known as the Black Widow.

Scans from Tales of Suspense 52 + 53 )

char: natasha romanov/black widow, char: iron man/tony stark, char: pepper potts


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