Jul. 4th, 2010

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When Brian Michael Bendis started writing the Mighty Chovengers, he re-introduced the device of thought bubbles, to much disapproval apart from in my house.

With the new New Avengers run, he's having a go at something else, something that I believe was last seen in Immortal Iron Fist: 7 Capital Cities of Heaven, but with a twist.

5 panels presented without any narrative thread )

Verdict - quite cool. I can see myself enjoying New Avengers as long as Immonen's drawing it.
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As proven in the third issue of Carl Banks' "The Life And Times of Scrooge McDuck," where the young McDuck is in the Wild West.

That has nothing to do with the story, but I felt the need to share it anyway.

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Electro's had a surprising tendency to put together clever plans that get tripped up by the simplest of things, and his appearance in Gerber's Omega the Unknown #2/3 was no different.

The first issue ended, you see, with the titular hero defeating a marauding alien android (with the help of a boy mysteriously tied to the former) out for his blood.

The second issue picked up with Omega trying to dispose of his assailant.. )
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Continuing from my previous entry, The One Electronic and his party are on the run from frog-people warriors, Gerund is alive if slightly damaged, but his whereabouts unknown. And Rice Boy has passed, alone, into a town called Whetton, which has seen better days.

wonders lie within )


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