Jul. 22nd, 2010

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I've been wanting to do a Miss Martian post of a certain artist's M'gann comics for awhile, and the latest Miss Martian news finally inspired me to get around to posting it.

Miss Martian, Miss Martian, and Miss Martian behind cut. Oh, and a little Blue Beetle, because he's cool like that. )
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Ok, here's a question for you. What daily comic strip am I describing. The main characters are all children, there's a young boy who owns a dog (whose thoughts we hear), there's a young girl who has a very forthright and overbearing manner, a boy who she constantly pursues despite his unwillingness to go out with her, and her younger brother who quite often is the most sensible of the lot.

well, it's obvious from the title of this post that, it's not Peanuts, but "The Perishers", a british comic strip written by Maurice Dodd which started in the late 50's and ran until his death until 2006. It was drawn initially by Dodd, then by Denis Collins, and after Collins retirement Dodd took over again, until Bill Melvin took over the art duties until the end of the strip.

Despite it's superficial similarities to Peanuts, the characters in Perishers are of a lower class, and there's a less sentimentality about the writing.

examples below the cut )

Angel #34

Jul. 22nd, 2010 02:14 am
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You know how issue 34 of BUFFY was entirely devoted to Buffy and Angel having sky-sex? Well, issue 34 of the ANGEL series has come out, and it's also all about sex. Must be something about the number.

This issue resolves the 'Illyria wants to use Conner as breeding material for her terrible offspring' sub-plot.

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If you've been following the San Diego Con news, you probably already heard about this. Stan Lee's teaming up with Boom! Studios, Mark Waid, Paul Cornell, and Chris Roberson to create a new superhero universe.

There's been a whole bunch of articles about the project on the various comics news sites, but my favorite bit from them's got to be this Waid quote:

"I had just turned in detailed series synopses fleshing out Stan's concepts, adding things as I went, trying to be clever and maybe trying a little too hard to impress. And he sat down with me for our first plot conference, and he's all handshakes and charm and warmth, exactly the Smilin' Stan you expect...and then once we got down to business, he was all business. He schooled me," Waid told CBR. "He wasn't angry, but boy, was he intense and emphatic about zeroing in on the places I'd been too clever by half and had gone off the rails, and buddy, I was floored. I was being lectured by Professor Stan, and he wasn't just to-the-point...he was to-the-point and dead right and, I suspect, a little irked that I'd made some amateur mistakes. And then as soon as he was finished very rightly, very justifiably lecturing me...he became Smilin' Stan again and ended the meeting as brightly and charmingly as he'd begun it. He's been an absolute joy to work with, everything I ever could have dreamed of, greater than even his legend...but I gotta tell you, there's still a ten-year-old Mark Waid curled up in a fetal position inside of me from that morning."

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A new Alan Moore comic came out this week, The Neonomicon #1, the first issue of a four-part series. Most of the Moore work Avatar publishes is adaptations by other authors of his prose works, but this isn't one of those. This is a new work, written by Moore for the comics medium.

Four pages )
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So Serpentor now exists in IDW's G.I Joe continuity.

And like the IDW continuity as a whole, he's a combination of the more fantastic elements (genetic hodgepodge, Cobra-La from the movie) and the less (charismatic leader, running an evident third faction.)

And in G.I Joe: Cobra II #6, he's even getting his own hagiography, which begins a little something like this..

'..And into this void penetrated a will and a wisdom.. Ophion, Jormungand, Nuwa, Ahi... names remembered from the foot of history..' )
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John Constantine. Conman of the on-high, the damned and everything in-between. Survivor. Tool of the Apocalypse and so much more. And a decent kisser. One image from #269 behind the cut.

I remember him as a gentle soul. )
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Since I posted the Predictably Unpredictable monologue, lots of people have been gushing over Wolf at the door. (you can buy a copy from Amazon Marketplace for £3.98 plus postage, or from the real Amazon for £8.37). I went and re-read some of it yesterday and yes, I cried. #4 is featured in Best of the Fantastic Four hardcover along with some other classics like the origin story, Johnny Storm's April Fool's, Reed asking Otto Octavius for help with Sue's pregnancy, the first issue of Waid and Wieringo's run on FF and quite a bit more. I think that Liddleville is in there too, but it's next door and I'm not prepared to check.

I only post to give you probably the prettiest thing that McNiven drew in Wolf at the Door - the beginning of The Ledge Scene )
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Not in a gratuitous killing; not in a slobbering grin; not even in a moment of greedy cannibalism is the wonder of Eddie Brock, symbiote-enabled serial murderer, properly embodied. Rather, his true spirit is found in a minute of quiet, calm contemplation after being reunited with his alien other once more...

He's )
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Caught between two beautiful women, pressing him for information, what can our intrepid (and adorable) hero do?

Find out on these two pages from Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 3 )

From the same version of Spidey that was "--summoning the spiders... BECAUSE I'M SPIDER-MAN!!" ladies and gents. :D
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But Northstar LUNGES out!

Because who doesn't like to reveal their sexual orientation while outrunning an explosion/punching an anime character?

(Am I the only one who can't read that dialogue without hearing the dulcet tones of Vampire Bill?)
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According to my favorite scanlation website, it appears manga producers overall are cracking down on fan scalations and no long allowing any, even the stuff that hasn't been published in the US yet. (ie. newer Naruto, One Piece, etc.)

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The most unique and best team up since bread and butter now get a miniseries of their own. Marvel's cosmic side continues to rock HARD, as the announcement was made late at SDCC today.

Rocket's red glare. )
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A video I thought might entertain you folks. Apparently, Fred Phelps and his Westboro Church parishioners protested that den of sin and satanism known as the San Diego Comic Con.

Cosplayers being the sort who are both theatrically minded and handy with a magic marker and a piece of cardboard, Comic Con protested back.

Medium: Webcomic
Creator: Ursula Vernon
Title: Digger
Creator: Gail Simone (who has nothing to do with the scan but she's in the video and she's awesome.)


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