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Greetings True Believers!

One man. One eye. One panel.

WARNING! Viewing this panel is potentially dangerous!

MEN: Possible side-effects include: Feelings of inadequacy, man-on-man feelings, envy, the urge to take up smoking, suspicion that you are an LMD, the urge to punch German people in the face, the urge not wear a helmet.

WOMEN: Man-on-woman feelings, the vapors, the urge to wear skin-tight white clothing, suspicion you are an LMD, the urge to punch Germans in the face, the urge to smoke cigars, possible pregnancy.

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Six and a third pages plus preview image from a 22 page story found in New Mutants v1 #18, "Death Hunt." This sums up all the reasons I loved Dani Moonstar back in the day, even though those same qualities lead to disaster in this 3-issue story.

Dani's been having psychic nightmares about the demon bear that killed her parents, and hiding it from the rest of the team.

So she works herself to exhaustion in the Danger Room fighting bears, and blows off Illyana's concerns after a sim.
Illyana didn't believe a word I said... )
love the OPM comm header, guys!
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For the theme week, something you probably didn't think you'd see....

3 pages of 13 from the story.

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Notably in a previous page, Aquaman points out that the desalinizer could have made Snark rich beyond the dreams of avarice, but he knows that the Professor will throw it away for relatively petty crime.

Your thoughts and comments?

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char: Aquaman/Arthur Curry
creator: Jim Mooney
publisher: DC Comics
series: One Perfect Moment Week
theme: animals
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What If: Daredevil vs. Elektra came out at the tail end of last year. In this What If...?, Matt manages to save Elektra's father from the terrorist attack that would've otherwise killed him, but an overzealous police sniper outside shoots Matt through the head a second later.

Elektra, with her father still in her life, grows up to become an agent of SHIELD. Matt, who becomes posthumously famous for being unthinkably amazing for a blind kid, is buried with honors... and the Hand promptly steals his body.

Years later, the Hand has a new leader who they call the Advocate, and people who oppose it are turning up dead and decapitated across the world. Elektra finds herself in a unique position to stop the Hand, but she can't do it alone.

This will read much better if you have extremely melodramatic music playing.

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Another announcement from SDCC is that the return of one of the 90's Spidey villains, Carnage, with a brand new bag. IGN has the interview with Zebb Wells and Clayton Crain.

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Warning: This is going to be a long post. First, I've got a few things to say. Then I've got five pages of set-up. Then I've got three pages of the first thing that came to mind when I tried to think of one perfect comic book moment. All in all, the scans come to about 8 megs.

Some blathering about S_D )

Moving on to the business at hand... Five scans from the end of Astonishing X-Men #5, setting up for one beautiful moment in AXM #6. It took an hour of digging through my poorly organized comic book collection to find those two issues. (Probably silly because I'm sure I could have found scans online with less time and effort. Probably from some archive of S_D v1.) But I think it's worth it, and I hope you do, too.

AXM 5 - Colossus returns )

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Just how does this guy ensnare so many to his cause? Well without using brain washing devices? Simple words and reason.

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I wasn't too sure about Darwyn Cooke's DC: The New Frontier when it was first announced - I remember rumblings that it was either a thematic or literal sequel to James Robinson's The Golden Age, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

As I told Cooke years later at a panel at SDCC, he didn't play fair with my emotions. Growing up, I frequented the second-hand bins at one of my local bookstores a lot, and in them were bunches of Our Army at War and G.I. Combat, and one group that I loved was the hard-luck war hero group, The Losers - the originals, not the (albeit still pretty good) reimagining that resulted in a slightly disappointing movie adaptation.

So when I read these pages, and later on, when Cooke used the frickin' Challengers of the Unknown, for chrissakes... I was hooked. Line, and sinker.

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As someone else noted, DC: The New Frontier is full of perfect moments. The Silver Age Flash gets a couple of them. Now, normally the one that comes to mind is his initial appearance where he goes up against Captain Cold, but while that's pretty awesome too, here's another one that, frankly, I like better.

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While Darkwing Duck investigates the mysterious Quackwerks corporation and rescue Honker, a familiar group of villains starts to strike back against the city of St. Canard. Only one member of this team is missing, and another is more dangerous than ever.

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A little backstory first. After a traumatic battle, Orion was captured and blinded by an immortal who was draining Orion's life energy to keep himself young. Orion eventually escaped, with Lightray's timely assistance and decided to go undercover to find his captor and punish him (hence the clothing).

And then he found him... )

I especially like the gentle dig at his JLA portrayal. And that last page... pure Simonson poetry
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Marvel Masterworks.
Dr. Strange.
Dr. Doom.
Triumph & Torment

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I love the Suicide Squad - specifically, John Ostrander and Kim Yale's Suicide Squad. The only decent thing to come out of the godawful Legends crossover, Ostrander revitalized the espionage comic, turning it into a super-powered Dirty Dozen meets Mission: Impossible. Since then only a few comics have come close to depicting the seamy underside of the DC Universe with any success, and the closest spiritual heir to the Squad today is probably Gail Simone's Secret Six.

The beautiful thing about the Squad was that things always went wrong. Horribly wrong. Excruciatingly, holy crap, we're screwed beyond recognition wrong. And when they still manage to pull off their objectives, there was always a toll, not just in lives, but psyches. As one USENETter put it, "It wouldn't be a Squad mission without the bitter taste of ashes."

If anything else justifies the classic status of the original Squad series, it's that Ostrander and Yale gave us not one, but two indelible characters: Oracle, and the inimitable and incomparable Amanda Waller, mother of all badasses.

One of the many perfect moments in the series, from Suicide Squad #22 (1988) follows:

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I'm normally not a Neil Gaiman fan. I keep giving him chances and finding out I dislike his work all over again. But, sometimes, I think he's brilliant. One page from Detective Comics #853.

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One of the greatest Sci-fi villains of our time. With two perfect moments from him in both comic and television.

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