Jul. 30th, 2010

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One Page from Newsarama's Preview for next week's Darkstar & The Winter Guard #3

What you are about to see is the most awesome thing ever! )

I have no idea what this comic is about but I want it now...
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Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour had a lot of scenes that I think could qualify for "One Perfect Moment Week," but here's my pick. SPOILERS for the last volume of the series!

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Anytime I bring up Spider-Man: Reign by Kaare Andrews in conversation, it usually gets met with a considerable amount of eye-rolling. I think it is one of the most emotional and unique Spider-Man stories I ever read. Unfortunately though, it has become more famous for being 'that story with the radioactive Spider-Sperm'.

Nonetheless I stand by my love of this mini-series, and the following 2 pages are the reason why. As far as my experience with the characters goes, these 2 pages taken from the 4th, and final, issue of the story is my 'One Perfect Moment' for Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson.

2 Pages from the 40 Page issue under the cut )

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Scott Lang was Marvel's second Ant-Man and (by my calculations) the person who had the name and the suit for the longest time. He's someone I'd like to see more of around here*, so to contribute to that and to One Perfect Moment week, here is one of his early adventures.

It's from Marvel Team-Up #103 (March 1981), by David Michelinie (writer), Jerry Bingham (penciler), Mike Esposito (inker), Diana Albers (letterer), and Bob Sharen (colorist). The story is called "The Assassin Academy" and, as the title of the comic and the post indicates, involves him teaming up with Spider-Man.

6 pages and 3 panels from a 22-page story.

Presenting: Spider-Man and Ant-Man in: 'The Assassin Academy' )
One Perfect Context is for the Weak, maybe? )
Story continued )
Scott's Perfect Moment from this comic )
Story continued again )

tags that we don't have on-comm (but could have at delicious, maybe?) - creator:jerry_bingham, creator:mike_esposito, creator:diana_albers, creator:bob_sharen

* could one of the tag wranglers or mods please add the 'char: ant-man/scott lang' tag to this Heroes for Hire post? It could also do with a 'char: power man/luke cage' tag.
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It's been a long week and we need something to look forward to for the future. Ask, and ComicBookResources shall provide. The next chapter in One Moment In Time continues, as so does the art fail. Two behind the cut.

Hurt - NIN )
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The rol out of Marvel title previews continues with ComicBookResources as chapter #2 of the Avengers Prime (a.k.a their Trinity) rolls out.

Where in the nine worlds is Thor Odinson? )
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Schmevil and I were talking Ms. Marvel the other day and the notion of reintroducing one of our favourite characters to the community. I'm not that interested in posting large chunks of Carol's history, so I'll stick to some of the cooler moments from her Brian Reed solo series.

We begin after Secret Invasion, with the Ascension teaser )
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It's been almost a year since we last looked at Super God title from Warren Ellis. At last, the previews have come out as issue #4 will hit the streets soon. Superpouvoir.com has the preview as the world continues to go down the commode. *Spoilers behind the cut.

Flush )
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I'm a pretty big fan of Garth Ennis, and over the course of reading most of his work, I've noticed that he's been pulling a Stephen King relatively recently. Despite the fact that many of his series are in different genres and published by different companies, they all seem to take place in their own odd and contiguous sub-continuity.

If I was Philip Jose Farmer, I could probably turn this into something huge and meaningful, since it means, among other things, that Ennis's Punisher is set in the Vertigo version of the DCU.

I plan to follow up on that with another post, but for now, this is as close as we'll probably ever get to a sequel to Preacher.

One page from Preacher #8; two pages from The Boys #27 )
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I couldn't think of any "One Perfect Moments" for my favorite characters that I haven't posted the last time, so I decided to the next best thing: One Perfect Moment for Japan.

Scans under the cut (maybe NSFW) )
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Greetings True Believers!

Here is the fourth and final part of my mega-post from the 1985 Balder the Brave mini-series. It's a great mini about the relationship between Balder and the Karnilla, Queen of the Norns and their struggle against Utgard-Loki and his Frost Giants. Enjoy part 4, "Balder the Beautiful!"

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I got to know Svetlana Chmakova's work through Nightschool, but apparently her Tokyopop series Dramacon is hugely well-loved. Looking for information, I found the first several chapters online.

So, I give you two pages (of 27 26...arguably 25) from the first chapter of Dramacon. Read more... )

I love how Chmakova draws emotion. Cute enough to keep a distance from the actual feeling, but still...highly marked.

The pages from here are practically a public service to anyone still in their first sexual relationship putting up with a daft significant other.
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Two more pages behind the cut. I will give my opinion about it also behind the cut.

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Choosing One Perfect Moment for Atomic Robo is difficult because it's like a whole series of One Perfect Moments. But this scene, I think, really shows what Atomic Robo is about.

Atomic Robo, volume 3, issue 4. Two pages.

Banana Oil )
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"Who?" I hear you ask?

Detective Arsala was a recurring character in Karl and Barbara Kesel's exemplary Hawk and Dove series in the late 80's early 90's. A member of the Washington Special Crimes Unit (If Metropolis can have a Task Force devoted to metahuman crimes, it only makes sense that Washington DC have one too, no?)

He was a fun character, an excellent police officer if a little eccentric, notably in his taste for Hawaiian shirts so garish, they'd make your eyes bleed!

Here, from Hawk and Dove #13, he's on his first date with Dove (He even wearing a suit for about the first time ever), it's not exactly standard first date small talk... He can't as her about her day, as she has a secret identity, and he spent the day examining corpses in the morgue... so they end up talking shop...
It sounds so obvious when someone else says it... )
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Greetings True Believers!

This page and panel from Steve Niles' "Giant Monster" has always made me laugh.

A giant monster is rampaging across America and the only thing that can stop it is a giant Nazi robot. But one inquisitive lad has an important question for the government when they launch the robot.

From the mouth of babes......

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