Jul. 31st, 2010

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This is 2 pages from Agents of Atlas: Dark Reign #7. In the previous issue, Namora and Namor decide to get married.

But before going through with it*, Namora feels she needs to settle something with Jimmy. I like his response because it shows he understands something important. )

* ETA: for various plot-related reasons, they don't actually get married...and seem rather unlikely to do so very soon in the future too, IMHO.
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Hey, long time listener, first time caller. So, what with DC's minorities talking a couple blows and whatnot with the whole Choi debacle and the white Firestorm coming back and taking over instead of having a black man with an Asian girl in his head and Asian Batgirl just giving up her title to the white girl for absolutely no reason, I got to thinking. DC has a ton of minority character, but a lot of them aren't used for anything and I swear, every young black hero that appears on the scene complains about a lack of black superhero role models out there when there are a ton of them which kinda irks me, being black and all. So bein' an artist of sorts I decided to help DC show that it's diverse.

Many Pages of Blackitude after the cut )
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When we first met Rahne Sinclair, back in the New Mutants Graphic novel, she was a terrified 13 year old, being pursued across her Scottish island home by a literal pack of torch-wielding villagers, led by the Reverend Craig, a Presbyterian minister of, even by Presbyterian standards, excessively strict views. (Translation - The man was nuttier than squirrel shit and had about as much to do with the Christian concepts of love and charity as a slug has to do with tap dancing)

Awesomeness and an unfortunate 1990's costume within.. ) i
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Long time lurker and commenter, first time poster.. fingers crossed that I did this right..

As another post said, picking one perfect moment from an Atomic Robo comic is insanely difficult given how many there are. Given that Robo was taken already, and someone already recently posted the scan I would have used for Jenkins I give you, Dr. Dinosaur, a character only marginally easier to pick them out from due to the fact he's only shown up twice, plus a second moment I included just for how funny I found it.

Both pages are from Volume 4, issue 3 of Atomic Robo

Behold )

As a final bit of icing on the proverbial cake of our inevitable destruction I give you..Dr. Dinosaur's Twitter account!
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Re-posting this from the last One Perfect Moment Week. 1 page from Robert Rodi and Esad Ribic's Loki mini-series from 2004.

Read more... )
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After having just finished watching UNDER THE HOOD, which was simply awesome in my opinion, I realized the current theme week requires more Joker, who had some of the best lines in the movie. Especially the 'Oh Bats, you do think about me' was simply golden on so many levels. After going through so many possible scenes to do a post about here, I concluded on a scene that doesn't even directly feature the smiling man, but which I still love. Two pages from the LAST LAUGH 5, written by Chuck Dixon.

The Bucket List )
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This entertains me greatly, so I tracked down some back issues to put it all together. It's sort of a gift-wrapped crossover.

This begins with Ennis's run on Hellblazer, and goes all the way through to Punisher.

a few pages from various comics, after the cut )
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In LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN #5, Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill treat us to a flashback to Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland. This doesn't show how great a detective Sherlock Holmes is, but does show he's not to be underestimated in a knock-down drag-out on a precarious cliff.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen V1 #5 - Page 3

Treading the borders of mythology )
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Time for the second storyline I wished to post from the superb CITY OF CRIME by David Lapham and Ramon Bachs. This time the story turns it's gaze to a section of Gotham rarely spoken of and tells us of high hopes and great dreams. Seven pages from DETECTIVE COMICS 807, seven pages from DETECTIVE COMICS 808, seven pages from DETECTIVE COMICS 811 and seven pages from DETECTIVE COMICS 812.

The pillar of the community )
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It doesn't really get any more perfect than her origin story, does it? You know the one. For the Doom fans out there, it was undoubtedly a Doombot, right?

Taken from 1992's Marvel Super-Heroes #8, by Steve Ditko and Will Murray and proving that the 90s weren't all bad.

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MS Paint Adventures is probably one of the finest webcomics out there. A perfect moment from my favorite character of Act 5:

Your name is TEREZI PYROPE.

You are pretty enthusiastic about dragons. But you have a PARTICULAR AFFECTION for their COLORFUL SCALES, which you gather and use to decorate your hive. Though you live alone, deep in the woods, you surround yourself with a variety of plushie pals known as SCALEMATES. You often spend your days with them in rounds of LIVE ACTION ROLE PLAYING.

You take an interest in justice, holding particular fascination for ORCHESTRATING THE DEMISE OF THE WICKED. You have taken up study of BRUTAL ALTERNIAN LAW, and surround yourself with legal books. You have no need for copies printed in TROLLBRAILLE, because you can SMELL AND TASTE THE WORDS. You hope one day to join the honorable ranks of the LEGISLACERATORS.

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Spider-Man's Tangled Web was a short-lived series from the early 2000s starring Spidey's supporting cast and the various people who fall into his orbit (hence the title). As an anthology series, it was a bit hit-or-miss, but there were some real gems in its 22 issues. Of particular note are #4, Severance Package by Greg Rucka and Eduardo Risso; Darwyn Cooke and Jay Bone's two issues (11 and 21); 13, Double Shots by Ron Zimmerman and Sean Phillips; and the issue I'm featuring here: 20, Behind the Mustache by Zeb Wells and Dean Haspiel. Not only is it a great story for a great supporting character, it's one of my favorite single Spider-Man issues.

After his second heart attack, Jonah needs to get anger management therapy or the Daily Bugle's health insurance company will sever their contract. His first session gets off to a rocky start, but eventually Jonah starts talking about his relationship with his abusive father (since retconned to stepfather by BND) and his high school sweetheart and eventual wife, Joan. I'm pretty sure this is the first time we've ever seen Joan, since she died years before Peter became Spider-Man.

5 pages out of 22. )

There are a lot of fantastic moments in this issue and I wish I could post all of it; if you liked these scenes, definitely track down the entire story.
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First up, some context. Bastion has captured Jubilee and is trying to stripmine her mind for information regarding the X-men. One approach is to reveal to her that he's killed Cyclops and he shows her his battered and damaged visor as proof. He later returns to try and play further mind tricks on her to pry information from her. It doesn't go according to plan.

From Generation X #27, by Scott Lobdell and Chris Bachalo.

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