Aug. 11th, 2010

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A little over 3 pages from Superman #702, Pt 2 of Grounded...

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A while back, I was thrilled to share the amazing artwork previews for the hardcover of "18 Days", one of the epic and significant battles of the The Mahbharata. Unfortunately Virgin Comics went the way of the do-do, and the book is now a CGI video drama, scheduled for next spring. Behind the cut are more images of what could have been, and the dreams that they inspired.

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If I have to pick a favourite piece of classic literature ("classic" being here defined as something at least a hundred years old), I'd have to pick the Chinese historical novel Romance Of The Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong. This epic historical novel tells the story of the fall of the four hundred year dynasty of the Han, with China being divided into three parts before finally being reunited by the Jin Dynasty. Drawing on a variety of sources (including history, folk tales, and traditional opera), RotTK is at times heart breaking, hilarious, action packed, and clever.

And when I say "epic", I mean it in every sense of the word. Its scope is 120 years, its size (in my translation, at least) is some 1300 pages, and its cast of characters is over 1000 named (mostly historical). Battles are huge, with brave generals carrying out complex tactics at the behest of far seeing strategists. Duels are common, a showcase of the mighty warriors that each side has enlisted.

As can be expected of such a pivotal work, it has received numerous adaptations. The most popular in the west is probably the video game series Dynasty Warriors. But it has been made into a number of other video games, a couple of recent movies, several TV series (both live action and animated), and quite a few manga and manhua. The one that stands heads above the rest in that last category is Chan Mou's Ravages of Time, which manages to take everything I like about the novel and turns it up to eleven.

Which finally gets to the point of this post. So let's set the Wayback Machine to 190 AD. The place is Luo Yang, the capital of the Later Han. And Dong Zhuo, having taken over the Imperial court by force, is going to give his young puppet Emperor a lesson in leadership.

Seven pages from Chapter 8, 'The Bloody Roads of the Ruler', under the cut. )
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From what was discussed under the post, there are some flaws with the Christopher Nolan "Dark Knight" saga that can be combined into the Rachel/Robin/Leslie problem. And what could be done in Part 3 to solve it.

Yes, I think adding Helena Bertinelli, a.k.a. the Huntress into Nolan's Dark Knight saga will solve the Rachel/Robin/Leslie problem. A long rant/wish list on why I think that and more Huntress pages after the cut.

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In keeping with the theme of [personal profile] superfangirl1's Adventure 517 post, I thought I'd point out that Cosmic Boy suddenly has an interesting addition to how they represent his powerset.

All things considered, maybe they should've stuck with just the magno-rings? )

Snarkers, start your engines. Riffing commences in 3...2...1.... XD

1 page, that makes 5 posted from a 20-page story.

There is no in-comm tag for co-penciler Marlo Alquiza or inker Travis Lanham, if a mod wouldn't mind adding them?
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Are you excited? I know I'm excited.

Zachary Zatara, teen heart-throb, stage magician, and master transmogrifer (of non-humans), has been in comics for a few years now, and yet never had any substantial interaction with his cousin, Zatanna Zatara.

That changes now.

4 pages from Zatanna 4 )

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Coz we just can't get enough...

This issue had me laughing out loud. Particularly this scene with Tora, Bea and Rocket Red guy!



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