Aug. 16th, 2010

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AintItCool has the latest casting news about the upcoming X-men: First Class movie.

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Today I would like to share with you all some of the work of joteivv on DeviantArt. It's seriously cute.

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As you may know from this post, we're doing a 30-Day scan meme.
Today is Day One: Favourite Female Character.
I'm sharing mine with you under the cut. So, S_D, who's yours?

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Newsarama has the info on one of the latest squad of Avengers to unite against the threat of the Chaos King.

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The main characters of the original Romance of the Three Kingdoms were, arguably, the Three Brothers. Their back story goes that when the Yellow Turban (a religious cult) Rebellion threatened the Han, three men from different families swore an oath in a peach orchard to preserve the Han and declaring themselves as brothers to each other. They were the charismatic distant relation of the Emperor Liu Bei; the wandering warrior Guan Yu; and the impulsive, alcohol-loving butcher Zhang Fei. Their oath of brotherhood is so popular that some Chinese secret societies, including the Triads, use variations on it. As you can imagine, the three are used as examples of filial rectitude, even to this day. Guan Yu, in particular, has been deified and is now a god of brotherhood amongst warriors (which, ironically enough, makes him popular amongst both police officers and criminals).

Of course, The Ravages of Time is a darker take on the Three Kingdoms. So what are they going to do with our original, idealistic protagonists? Let's find out.

One scan from Chapter 4 and seven from Chapter 5, 'Three Robbers from a Peach Orchard', under the cut. )


Aug. 16th, 2010 04:52 pm
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Favorite female character?

Well, my current fave series has a female title character, so I guess it's the little alien girl... )
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From the damsel in distress in the 60's to the most powerful member of Marvel's premiere superteam.

*not my scans
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Title: Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five
Creator: Monica Gallagher
Availability: Available Online

Not my favorite female character, but I may be developing a girl crush...

So, once upon a time, there was a cubicle farm on the third floor. The other floors lived in awe and fear of this cubicle farm, for it was home to a host of strange denizens, such as a rainbow princess, a werewolf...

...and a derby girl named Bonnie. )

Monica's also done a very good mini-comic called Boobage that's worth a look if you have a chance.
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I have never posted before, like..ever. Not even on LJ sooo I'm a Journal gentle with me!
Hopefully I don't mess this up.
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Aaaand Jack's debut

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For all of you up-and-coming comic book artists, or movie directors or cinematographers, here are some helpful tips (and recent fanart) from rufftoon on how to compose a scene and how NOT to do it.

I swear, this is almost like reading Goofus and Gallant. )
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As it appears to be the first day of the 30 Days of scans event, I bring you my favourite female character. Ms. Marvel. Carol Danvers.

Except, this isn't Carol Danvers. Well, it is. It's just not our Carol Danvers. This is Other Carol, the woman who should have, were I writing it, been the Ms. Marvel in the Dark Avengers, or at least the final villain in Reed's Ms. Marvel run instead of Mystique.

This is from #9 of Reed's Ms. Marvel, back when he gave a fudge for the title. Art is by the late Mike Wieringo. It's just after the Civil War arc that probably killed most people's good feelings towards the title.

The context is that Rogue appears at Carol's apartment, demanding an explanation from Carol as to why she attacked her. They find a Warbird in Carol's apartment and the three of them fight. Then, after fighting, we get to questions.

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I have a lot of favs, Miss Martian, Wonder Woman, Cassandra Cain, but I gotta chose ones, so for my post I pick:

Brianna Diggers of Gold Digger!

Why Brianna is awesome behind cut )
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A recent addition to the ranks of the memorable elite, this mere mortal tends to hold his own against the magic people and supernaturals of his world, despite his inexperience and his age. And he does it with a style that is all his uniquely his own.

At times he's a born leader.
At times he's the loveable loser.
At times he's the brains of the outfit.
At times you wonder if he has any brains at all.
At times he's the most vicious hunter, willing to kill babies to feed.
At times he feels remorse for hurting the most helpless cabbages.

The ladies love him, men want to fight alongside him.
The man who put the Aang in boomerang, the master of the facepalm.

The one, the only.
Sokka of the Water Tribe.

That man can plan my castle raid anytime - Inigo Montoya. )
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Many covers behind cut, also Cass news maybe :) )

Note, because of the amount of scans here, should I put the tags in or not? I don't want it to seem like I'm spamming.


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