Aug. 19th, 2010

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Greetings True believers!

If there is one thing that Steve Rogers does well, it's inspire people to be better. He even does it when he's frozen in a chunk of ice.

These scans are from Age of Heroes #4. This tale reaches back to a piece of Marvel history. Remember those natives that worshiped Cap when he was an ice-cube? One them remembers Cap.

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Greetings True Believers!

Here 3 funny scans from Avengers Academy #3. Various superheroes are visiting the kiddies to teach them various stuff. One class has the female cadets learning from the mighty Shield-Maiden herself!

Her advice the point.

Plus, a Juggernaut funny!

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This isn't the scene I first thought about posting; that one has already been covered here. So I went looking for another Rucka-penned scene of Jim and Bruce. This is from Gotham Knights #13.

The end of Officer Down. )
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Well, just about everyone in superhero comics does come back eventually, but the character I'd love to see back comes from a different genre.

spoilers, since I haven't finished posting the series yet )
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I found this a tough category, not because there's a shortage of possibilities, but because I'd want to bring back a character that would serve good stories and could have future potential. Ted Kord, of course, springs to mind, but I'm reluctant there because we've seen some great stories and actual impact coming from his death, as well as an awesome legacy hero, rather than it being a throwaway death. Skin would be another thought, but then you have wonder what you'd be bringing him back to - the rest of Generation X are pretty much shuffled to one side, the next generation after them are either dead or ignored - bringing him back for writers to shuffle aside again seems to be a pointless exercise.

So I'm going for a character that I think could actually have potential in terms of future stories and who has relationships with existing characters, so his return could have an impact, if writers choose to pick it up.

And that character is Sean Cassidy AKA Banshee.

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There's so many great characters I think got shafted, but if I could choose only one...

It would be Jean Grey.

Here was a character that was the heart of the X-Men (Something they've been lacking, since). Not only that, but she really had the potential to give Marvel it's own Wonder Woman. Not only was she powerful and complex, but marketable. The Phoenix insignia is instantly recognizable, and could have given Marvel a brand.

8 out of 30 pages from X-Men Origins: Jean Grey by Sean McKeever and Mike Meyhew...

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So I spent a long time deciding on who I would choose to bring back. My main problem is that there are few characters that I like that have died. So I just decided to with someone who recieved a bad death.

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Okay, I remember seeing this scene in the anime, now I've finally managed to track down the manga. It's not a very good series, honestly, although it has it's cute moments, but this scene is just fantastic.

Two pages (out of 40) from Sora no Manimani chapter 1) )
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A friend of mine posted this on ToonZone, and with his permission, I'm reposting it here.


Who knew every one's favourite genocidal gargoyle babe had her very own twitter account? Apparently Demona has been taking time out of her busy schedule of plotting humanity's downfall to pester BOOM Studios, resulting in this very intriguing exchange...

Demona_Gargoyle: The "Make a REAL Gargoyles Movie, Disney!" Facebook group has over 1,000 members now. Good. I shall triumph! Do you hear me, @boomstudios?!

boomstudios: @Demona_Gargoyle OH!!! We HEAR you!!!

Demona_Gargoyle: @boomstudios I only pester you because I know a comic book about us would be in good hands with you.

boomstudios: @Demona_Gargoyle hrmmm...THAT sounds like an idea!

Demona_Gargoyle: @boomstudios I just hope you ask that delightful human, Weisman, to write it. He is the only human I tolerate.

Coincidence or conspiracy?


The only thing I can say is this. If Boom Studios treats "Gargoyles" as well as they are treating "Darkwing Duck" then they're the perfect home for it. It would actually come out ON TIME, most likely as a monthly, and the art would be good and consistent. I'll always be grateful to SLG for giving us the previous comic series, but Boom would be a much better home for "Gargoyles."

Also, in my experience, most companies don't tease like that unless something is in the works. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and my eyes peeled.

And, for legality:

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Let's just pile on. One page from Spectacular Spider-Girl 4, and I have to wonder if Defalco's trying to tell us something here.

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Picked this up on a lark, because it looked so up my alley.

For those of you who don't know her, Honey West was the heroine of a series of hard-boiled mystery novels in the 1950s. Honey wore close-fitting clothes and lots of animal prints. She has an ocelot, Bruce. She knows Judo. She has a cool car. She's smart and no-nonsense.

In the 1960s the books were made into a TV series which lasted one season. Spun off Gene Barry's successful urbane-detective show Burke's Law, Honey West looked to cop a little of that Emma Peel cool. It did not hurt that she was played by Anne Francis:


And here's a little of Moonstone Comics' take on Honey. )

Next issue, "Chapter 2: Requiem for a Dressmaker." We can only hope it will have more of the ocelot.

Mods, the preview image isn't from the story proper but from an ad for the DVD set. Let me know if that's not cool and I'll yank it.
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Well I don't think this has been posted here yet (for which I am SHOCKED and HORRIFIED - you're getting complacent S_D ;) ) but if it has been posted and I've just been blind, then let me know and I'll remove it :) 

Anyway, Marvel has a 3 page unlettered preview of Children's Crusade #2.

Variant cover + 1 page under the cut.  )


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