Sep. 1st, 2010

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I'm combining two categories here; they're my favorite GLBTQ characters, and someone needs to make a movie out of this title, stat!

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While technically he wasn't "legacy" while he wore the colors, he did the name Spider-Man honor. He lightened up the mood to the wall-crawler and didn't have the baggage and compromises Peter had after years and years of struggling. He couldn't escape the convoluted origin and back story that became a part of him and his era in the lore, (The Clone Saga) but the man himself was amazing.

We remember Ben Reilly, the first Scarlet Spider, and the second Spider-Man.

Also does whatever a spider can. )
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Hello, S_D. Been a while. Left down the day after my previous post (hence the lack of comment replies), but I'm back now. With a theory. See, I just finished reading Batman Beyond #3, and I've got a theory.

Fair warning: If I'm right, it'll be a major spoiler for the big reveal.

Fair warning #2: We're nearly at the limit for scans of the issue, so I'm only posting one panel. Expect a lot of text.

Side note/rant: I hate Tommy Elliot )

Explaining the theory )

And, finally... my actual guess )
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Below the cut are four pages from Veronica #202, which introduces the new gay character, Kevin Keller to Archie fans. If you saw the original preview a few months ago, you saw it was handled pretty tastefully. Veronica has a crush on Kevin. Kevin confides to Jughead he's gay. Jughead doesn't bat an eye but decides not to tell Veronica because he thinks it will be fun to watch her suffer. However as we see under the cut, some of the gang are starting to think that it's more there's more than a Cable/Deadpool bromance going on between Forsythe P. Jones and Kevin.

Poor Archie. He loses Ronni and Jughead in the same issue... )
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Talia tells Jason he's becoming more like Batman than he wants to hear and she tells him about Tim.

You know he's growing up when you see face stubble )
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In a Newsarama interview, Marc Guggenheim says an upcoming BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL story arc will cover why Batman became a superhero, or at least took on the "trappings" of a superhero, including joining the Justice League.

Excerpt, World's Finest #2 and JLA Year One after the cut. )
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And the stakes keep getting raised for Big Red. When last we left Hellboy, an army of undead knights had gathered around the cottage he was in. Things go from bad to muuuch worse behind the cut.

The rumbles of Armageddon. )
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Greetings True Believers!

I'm really enjoying this mini. I think it's best zombish thing Marvel's done since the first MZ series.

It's human Punisher vs crazy cannibal savage versions of the spandex crowd. Now with a plot twist! Even crazy man-eaters hate OMD!

Also, crazy-cannibal Deadpool not that different from the 616pool. Enjoy!

Read more... )


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