Sep. 4th, 2010

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Hey everyone, [personal profile] kingrockwell here, I'll be your guest host on the 30-Day Meme for the next two days. Today we'll be looking at the storyline/book you could read over and over again.

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So what's yours, [community profile] scans_daily?
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Another manga entry! Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou is a series that's hard to explain to people. It stars a android named Alpha, who runs a small cafe in a little town, and features her interactions with her customers and friends as well as her shopping trips into Yokohama. And it's set after a disaster that has wiped out much of humanity. Sorta a warm n' fuzzy end of the world?
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In the past decade there has been one story that from start to finish left me saying "Holy sh!t! F' me that was awesome." Where the creators behind the arc brought their A-game and made sure that their work would not soon be forgotten. Where are, story, pace, characterization and impact into said characters' lives and the universe afterwards was forever changed. New characters were introduced, old ones not seen in a while were revamped and no one disappointed. Villains were villains, the stakes were real, and heros stepped up and proved their worth. And those covers were out of this world.

Just when the House of Ideas seemed to be running out ideas, from out there in the beyond came the ANNIHILATION.

While the tie-ins were hit and miss, the big book of 6 issues did not disappoint.
Forgive me, it would take all day to post all the main points from the event, and I would like to enjoy the end of summer.

*Fair warning. Big scans and lots of them. Not dial up friendly.

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Happy September 4th, guys. In honor of Argentina's Comics Day, I'm posting a couple of scans from the original version of El Eternauta (The Eternaut). This is one of those classics that perennially tops lists of Greatest Comics Never Translated Into English. Sadly, that's pretty much the norm for Argentinian comics.

The story is by Héctor Germán Oesterheld, who is also known for his comic book biography of Che Guevara and for being disappeared and murdered by the government over the same.

The art is by Francisco Solano López.

The translation is by yours truly. The font is Rehr.

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My choice combines what would've been my choice for favorite artist (Alan Davis) and a legendary writer who hadn't devolved into a cliched hack yet (Chris Claremont). I give you:

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It's time for a romance comic, featuring some guy who looks a lot like Clark Kent to me. From I Loved No. 29 (1949) now in the public domain.


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Greetings True Believers!

I love old-school OHMUs. I picked up a handful at Wizard-Con. I really like the art and the way they really went all-out with the bios and power descriptions.

I picked out few examples of my favorite art from the stack I bought. WARNING! 80s fashion and hair-cuts ahoy!

Wave back at Devil Dinosaur!

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Have you ever contemplated what you would do if you were diagnosed with lethal radiation poisoning?

Here's a look at how Green Arrow answered that question, in "The World's Three Most Dangerous Arrows", reprinted in The Brave and the Bold #113, originally appearing in Adventure Comics in 1956. 2 2/3rds pages of eight.

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Your thoughts and comments?

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