Sep. 9th, 2010

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Post your favorite fanart!
Post fanart, recs and links to your favorite artists, or just whatever you really like! The only requirement is you have to be able to credit the artist, and provide a link if available. If you can't source it, please don't post it. Everything else is free game, fans!
And make sure to keep NSFW art behind a link with a warning.
And of course, your own fanart is welcome, too!

But Fan-thing Thursday isn't just about fanart, post links to your fanfic or fanvids, or rec your favorites! It's all about fan-thing fun.

Want a place to showcase fanart you drew yourself? Stay tuned next week to our sister comm! (assuming i don't completely forget again because i'm a horrible person)
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So, months or so ago, I posted the first appearances of the Black Widow, Silver Age super-villain. Her character arc continued in the pages of Avengers. I don't know, I guess I find Marvel women in the Silver Age particularly fascinating because that era has such a bad reputation.

Treachery! Aliens! The first meeting of Fury and the Black Widow! )

And I haven't forgotten about Tigra. I'll be posting part two of that once I come back from the comic shop.
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As promised, more Read or Dream. (Seriously, I love this series.) In this instalment, Anita gets sick (all together, now...aaaw).

I can't think of an interesting cut text. Anita: 'Lazy!' )

And, some thoughts on this chapter, and what it tells us about Anita's character.

Anita: 'What are you, my psychiatrist?' )
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Greetings True Believers!

Here are scans from Thor The Mighty Avenger #4. THIS BOOK IS TOO AWESOME.

Seriously, this is my favorite title right now. I bow before Langridge and Samnee.

Why is this issue awesome? Warriors Three, Volstagg, Thor, bar-fight, lost gods, Volstagg, Captain Britain, British Stiff Upper Lip, art, Volstagg!


Read more... )
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Just about everyone's choosing the Timmverse/DCAU, which is hardly surprising given it's seriously high quality stuff. So I guess it falls to me to broaden everyone's horizons.

So my choice?

now you're thinking with portals! )
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Greetings True Believers!

Here three scans from Irredeemable #17 that got me thinking. What characters have have a love/hate relationship with their arch-rival? Or what "arching"-relationships have serious undertones?

Read more... )


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