Oct. 9th, 2010

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Hello all! I was reading through some reprints of the 70's Green Lantern/Green Arrow series (reprinted in 1983) when I came across this advertisement:

I've got some questions about this:
1. Was this run any good?
2. If so, does anyone have scans of it?
3. If so if so, would it be too much trouble to put some of the highlights up?

Thanks in advance! :)
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Place your bets, folks! Today's round features a tough-as-nails journalist vs. the first woman to break the Green Lantern glass ceiling.

Jennie vs. Lois! )
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and God bless them for that! Another couple of episodes of this most magnificent of shows has aired and has a couple of comic-book geek moments making this worthy of a legality post (Anyone notice how most of my legality posts feature "Brave and the Bold", because I just did!)

First up, "Emperor Joker"

The pre-credit sequence has been long promised! A case from the files of the Bat-Computer

I won't spoil the explanation as to why he's wearing the costumes, but it's not the same as the one in the original comic (Which I don't think has been posted here, may have to do something about that)
When Batman was more colourful than his sidekick )

Emperor Joker! )

And another episode - The Last Patrol )

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In honor of what would have been John Lennon's 70th birthday today, here are scans from a Beatles biography comic book published by Dell in 1964. Jelly babies! Fake beards! John's one terrifying creepface!

it's been a hard day's night )
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Seeing the recent Fuan no Tane scans I was trying to remember in all the years I've read Batman if he ever came up against something like that...

I could think of "The Body" organization in "City of Crime" as one, and that had already been posted back in scans_daily 2.0 ...

the other was fighting against The Idiot in the "Idiot Root" arc. A being that was supernatural, malicious, insane only directly interacted with by a select few (but its presence felt by many). Direct contact with the Idiot was practically fatal, and it was up to there mere mortal Batman to face off against this unique opponent.

With all the psychological horrors and mind-games that have come since back in 1992 (my god has it BEEN that long?!) it might be worth seeing the Idiot return.

In any case, I am wondering if any of the Batman collectors who have the issue can post some scans of the story arc.

That said, the cover to part 1 for legality....

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So last time Star City was encased in a demonic bubble, and Mia killed a guy so that everything could go back to the way it was. What is going to happen this time? I dunno, lets look and find out. I think it's something big ;)

20 pages from 4 issues )


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