Oct. 17th, 2010

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Sorry I took so long, putting up the second page for those who wanted to see it, and putting up again the first page for those who missed it.

Enjoy. )
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Back in 1990, DC released a Portfolio of George Perez's covers for the Batman "Batman: Year Three" (which elaborated on Dick Grayson's origin, including having his photo taken with a fan on the night his parents died, and dealt with what happened when the man who killed his parents was finally released from jail) and the Batman/New Titans "Lonely Place of Dying" story (which introduced the fan, now a teenager named Tim Drake, into the Batverse properly and... well, we know what happened after that)

There were a couple of other plates included with the portfolio, but I'm only posting one of them, because whilst I don't feel bad posting the plates that were covers, it seems unfair not to stick to the 1/3 rule if I can.

The colour versions of these are lovely, but I love the inking and linework in the black and white versions, highlighting what Perez does so well, and makes look so effortless, when you know it's anything but.

Savour the beauty and artistry folks....

Could this man compose a scene badly if he tried? I think not. )
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Time to look at Life With Archie #3.

Yeah, Mr. Lodge is still evil. This time, let's do some relatively heartwarming scenes.

Couples )

Your thoughts and comments?

Suggested tags
character: Archie Andrews
character: Geraldine Grundy
character: Veronica Lodge
character: Waldo Weatherbee
creator: Andrew Pepoy
creator: Joe Rubinstein
creator: Norm Breyfogle
creator: Paul Kupperberg
publisher: Archie Comics
title: Life With Archie
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The battle of the Cancerverse continues. 3 pages and we're at my max.

Thanos vs. Mar-Vell.


Oh $@!#. )


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