Oct. 31st, 2010

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Of all Go Nagai's works, this is the one he likes the best. This is when he was striving for more than just echii comedies or action. Devilman had a message. Devilman had character.

Devilman was no where near as popular as Mazinger Z and that annoyed him greatly. He wrote Mazinger Z to blow off steam.  Devilman was an artistic endeavor.

And it's still a Cracktastic affair.

But it's ending is the stuff of legends.

For Halloween, I think I'll post some, starting from the beginning. NSFW due to nudity. This post contains 61 images from Volume 1's 199 pages. I think that's about right for proportions.

So here we go! And remember, read Left to Right.

And god I hope the cut works...

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A few people were asking about this since it hadn't made it here yet, so allow me to share!
Two pages from Strange Tales II #1

I must go on the hunt...FOR A DATE )

She has another story with Rogue in a future issue! These things always tend to be mixed bags, but some stories make the whole thing worth it.
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I commented on NSD earlier about Marvel's Year of Women. Part of that includes the two part Women of Marvel series, collecting stories previously published on Marvel.com

The cover's got its stars in burlesque gear and inside... it's got tits.

Because 'A wank mag in the Mighty Marvel Manner' is too big for the front cover )

I'll probably give this one a miss.

Though I will say that the Enchantress does do rather well out of these Marvel women stories. I've not seen her in continuity much, but this year, she's been dotted around in lots of different places.
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Back in the fogs of yesteryear, horror comics are traditionally the realm of those with a Y chromosome, there wasn't a lot aimed at the female contingent.
But the Cavern of Dreams was different.... ) 

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Hopefully, this won't have been posted between the time I started and the time this uploads. Cover and four pages from this week's JLA/99 #1.

For those of you who haven't been around for previous discussions, "The Ninety-Nine" is a concept created by Naif al-Mutawa, in an effort to let kids from Muslim-majority countries have superhero comics they could read with at least some cultural approval. Each of the teenagers in the 99 gets their powers from bonding with a "Noor stone" which contains a fragment of the knowledge and wisdom of the ancient Middle East. Their code names come from the 99 names of Allah, minus the bit that makes them a god's name. As part of the themes of the series, while individual members are fairly powerful on their own, they are much more powerful if they link up in threes or more to combine their abilities.

Wonder Woman's costume seems to be the "alternate universe" one solely to allow this comic to be reprinted in countries where her swimsuit outfit would be too controversial; the JLA depicted seems to be one we've never seen together before.

In the tradition of crossovers, multiple crises around the world. )

Your thoughts and comments?

Suggested tags

char: Superman/Clark Kent
char: Wonder Woman/Diana of Themiscrya
creator: Drew Geraci
creator: Fabian Nicieza
creator: Stuart Moore
creator: Tom Derenick
group: Justice League of America
group: The Ninety Nine
publisher: DC Comics
publisher: Teshkeel
theme: crossovers
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So if any of you guys remember, a while back, someone was asking for some help to fill an artist's position to his webcomic: Found here.

Webcomic here.

After quite a bit of tracking down (I had no DW account then) I messaged him and offered to fill the spot.

Results as follows... )
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Well, it's Hallowe'en, and since all the other cool kids are jumping off a cliff, I might as well do the same and post something.

Go here for the full story.

it was just a wolf )
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First post! Long time lurker from the LJ-days, first time poster on Dreamwidth. If I'm doing anything wrong here, please let me know and I'll fix it asap. It's still Halloween, and I can't think of a better time to post some Scary Godmother!

First, I have to apologize for the quality of the scans. I'm scanning the pages directly from my book, and the book is as flat as I can possibly get it on the scanner bed without completely messing up the spine. The blurry edges cover up some dialogue, but it's still mostly readable, I think. If anything needs clarified, I can go back and edit. I had to make the scans a bit bigger than usual, since the text is so tiny.

Anyway... 11 and a half pages from the 40-page Scary Godmother: My Bloody Valentine special, definitely not safe for dial-up!

Pages may contain groan-inducing puns, campy skeletons and more sugar than your entire bag of Halloween candy! )
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Well, Halloweens almost over so why not make one last post? I did a post featuring the first issue last year just before Halloween kinda sad that I haven't done one in all this time.

So here's issue 2 and 3 of Steve Niles and Scott Hampton's Simon Dark. 7 pages each from 22 page story.

Simon Says What? )              

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Okay. Halloween is going to end in a few minutes, so I might as well find a way to end it... with the Simpsons. Something to hold you till they air the Treehouse of Horror this year.

A way to end Halloween )
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And now, a holiday classic, showing the true face of that eeevil heathen holiday called Halloween, or as Chick tracts call it...



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