Nov. 16th, 2010

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One of the most distinctive aspects of The Bronze Age of Comics (early 70's to mid 80's) was how it mixed classic superheroics in a greater sense of realism.

Or at least, that was the attempt, more often than not. Even those results that were groundbreaking at the time now read as dated, ham-handed, and/or just plain silly. I mean, I know it's blasphemous, but have any of you recently read the O'Neil/Adams Green Lantern/Green Arrow run?

Due to the popularity of James Bond and other Cold War spy adventures, Batman's stories took on a more global scope, most notably once O'Neil brought in Ra's Al Ghul. Even the classic Rogues got into the espionage game, including Penguin, Joker, and, of course, the focus of today's story:

The surprise identity of today's mystery guest villain behind the cut! )

So obviously Two-Face survives, but we're never given any explanation to how. In fact, this was at least his second sure death during the Bronze Age, the first of which I still have yet to post, and that one wasn't explained away either!

Instead, Harvey returns a mere year later, with no mention of this story whatsoever, in another Novick-drawn tale that not only brings back Gilda, but also directly spins out of the Dave Davis origin. It's Gilda's first appearance since the Golden Age, and the first truly interesting look at the character and why she's so vital to Harvey as a character.
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Feb Solicits are up, Generation Lost is entering the endgame and it looks like bad news for some heroes

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one image under the cut from Amazing Spider-Man 648

Yeah Peter Parker is still dead to me )

I can at least pray Norman will kill of Peter's new girlfriend. After MJ from what I have read Peter's relationships have been terrible.

If its not MJ or Black Cat its a no deal for me.
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now, this i had completely forgotten about this scene, but Kelly Thompson's blog over at CBR which can be found here

reminded me of this...

A really good scene )

don;t love the art, but the scene is really nice.

Need help *citing (thanks greenmask :) the issue number, i'm pretty sure its from Gail's run though.
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3 pages from the Supergirl 58 preview....

remember that question most of us have had about one of this series' ummm least favorite characters? well... i think we are gonna get some answers...

discuss :)  )
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It's been long argued why Batman remains relevant to day, from his origins so long ago, is that his iconography still leaves such a power impression and is open to so much interpretation.

And oh boy does the preview give us an interpretation of that one fateful moment in time.
ComicBookResources has that one wordless, perfect moment when the foundation of the universe changed for one man, and the world.

2 behind the cut.

A dark muse cometh. )
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First on the table, some translated pages from an Alpha Flight dojinshi.

Yes, such a thing exists and it makes me happy. )

And another round of Alpha Flight comics from James Duncan of Pitabow Comics.

Oh, Scans Daily, how prophetic you are!* )

*OK, so it's been planned for a while, but anyway...

Also, I'm clearing out some comics and TPBs if anyone's interested. /plug
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Don't care,please hate on BND somewhere else.These are just great Spider-man scenes that I feel really reflect the character well and his world. This is from Spectacular Spider-man 200, Harry tries to get a final confrontation with Peter and Harry trap him in a exploding building but two people show up, his son and Mary Jane, this issue was longer then usual so(42 page story) seven pages.

Prepare to cry )
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Hey folks! I'm here to tell you about this obscure hero they used to make comic books about a loooong time ago. I don't know if anyone's familiar with him, but he was a really fun character and he was featured in lots of light-hearted, enjoyable, action-filled stories. I think you'll take a shine to him.

His name? Why, he calls himself... )
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Meet my favorite romantic scene in comics, way before they were married,keep in mind very cheesy but still a favorite.
I love airports )
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This is I'm kind of ashamed to admit is one favorite Spider-man storylines, the one that ran in Spider-man Peter Parker Spider-man and was written by Paul Jenkins with Art by...Huberto Ramos. Now I like his art style, once I got used to it, I realized how expressive it really is but I know some will hate it, still this is my favorite moment from the arc.
I could easily see Stan Lee creating Mr.Coffey )


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