Dec. 1st, 2010

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I'm not even sure why, but Scary Go Round popped back into my head the other day.

It's a very gentle, slightly surreal and twee webcomic set in Tackleford, a small made up town in England.

The humour is very dry and British, so it's not going to be a rib tickler for everybody.

Here's an extract from 2005 as Scary-Go-Round got Election Fever )

And by way of a bonus Time Boy and Redhead Associate )
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Hello and welcome to the first day of our 30 Days of Winter celebration at [community profile] scans_daily! Apologies for the lateness of this post, but better late than never! Today's theme is Friendship!

Let's have some Runaways, shall we?

nothing says friendship like a box of cereal )

So, [community profile] scans_daily, what are some of your favorite friendships in comics?

And stick with us for the rest of our 30 Days of Winter celebration! Tomorrow's theme is Cosmic Heroes!
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It's hard to find two people more opposite in personality and power than Fire and Ice, but that's part of the reason they make such good friends. The other reason is that they're always there for each other. Except for when one is dead. Luckily, this is the DCU, where death is temporary.

And reunions are sweet. )
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Matthew the Raven (known before as Matthew Cable) and The Corinthian 2 (known after as Alex Corinth)

You have beautiful eyes, Matthew.  )

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I understand that it's Friendship Day on Scans_Daily.

As my contribution, I bring you one of my favourite issues of the last few years - New Avengers Illuminati #4.

Brian Michael Bendis comes in for a lot of grief for his Bendis-voice. What I am saying to you now is that sometimes it's um, like how people talk, you know.

What I am saying to you now is that when it's used for like, every character, and I mean like, every character, it gets incredibly tedious.

What I am saying to you now is that I never want to see the New Avengers sitting eating Chinese food again and have every character quipping like Spider-man.

However, sometimes, it totally works. )


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