Dec. 8th, 2010

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Time for Rei's first transformation! The most notable thing about it (other than it's Rei and she's being a badass) is the clearly massive crush Usagi has on her.

I know, Usagi. A great deal of the fanbase has probably had similar feelings.

Senshi of Fire and Passion! )
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It seemed like a million-oh wait... )

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In this chapter, Usagi goes undercover at a ball with Mars and Mercury, and her FORBIDDEN ROMMMANCE with Tuxedo Kamen moves forward a little. Incredibly similar to the episode in the anime and not completely important, but I had the scans on my computer anyway, so I thought why not?

In which Mamoru is a tiny bit of a creeper )

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ComicBookResources has preview for pivotal issue #100, as the Duel has begun.

One behind the cut.

An end to wonders. )
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ComicBookResources has preview for the conclusion of the trinity of the Avengers .

2 behind the cut.

The 'other' Warriors Three. )
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Greetings True Believers!

Thor: The Mighty Avenger continues to slay all with cuteness and love. Why!!! Why are they canceling this series?!?!??

Why can't we have nice things?


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At some unspecified point in the 80's, the great J.M. DeMatteis pitched a Hugo Strange story to DC, where Hugo "apparently kills Batman and, in his arrogance and ego, decides to become Batman, putting on the costume, taking over the role, in order to prove his superiority."

Of course, this is the story which became Spider-Man: Kraven's Last Hunt (and also informed JMD's own Batman: Going Sane, with the Joker). Can you imagine what that would have been like? The different characters right away demand fundamental changes to the story, but that had potential to be the character-defining storyline for Hugo, just as it was for Kraven.

Perhaps Denny O'Neill rejected JMD's pitch because Gerry Conway already started exploring that idea, once he revealed that Hugo was alive and well at the finale of the Rupert Thorne saga. I've decided to give Hugo's full return its own post, as it now represents a distinct shift in focus for the character.

So now that he's taken his revenge on Thorne, what's Hugo's next move? Head back to Europe and resume his lucrative life as a master criminal? Retire off to some remote island? Dedicate his life to using science to advance mankind? Ha, you're funny.

Oh wait. Hugo still knows that Batman is Bruce Wayne, doesn't he? Well, now. Something has to be done about that...

Battle in the Batcave, behind the cut )

Seriously though, after all that build-up throughout the Rupert Thorne story, and all from Strange discovering Wayne's secret back in Strange Apparitions almost a decade earlier, this is kind of an ignominious death for such a major threat. Especially one as brilliant and methodical as Strange.

Clearly, Conway's successor, Doug Moench, thought so too. I was going to include that issue with this as a double-feature, but it deserves its own post, more so than even this story.
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Hello SD, this is my first attempt at a post here. I usually drop links in the comments for my blog at but I often seem spammish so I am going full scale right now. Today, Bendis gave us the perfect version of Squirrel Girl. Her myth is in good hands, and mine may never stop applauding.


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Helloooo scans_daily, and welcome to Day 8 of our 30 Days of Winter series. Today we're experiencing Rrrrrromance, dahlings.

In 1966, my mother had a boyfriend. But some time later.. my mother no longer had this boyfriend. The boyfriend.. was now my uncle's.

Drama! Intrigue! Family history.

My uncle put lipstick ALL OVER that boyfriend! )

So, dearhearts.. what's your favorite romance (or romantic) comic? Make us all melt! And tell us your quiz results in the comments.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's theme: Girrrrrrl comics.

And our full 30 Days of Winter calendar is here; don't get caught short!
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It was pointed out in the last part that Gene Colan's strengths lie in the eerie, weird and supernatural, rather than the more straightforwardly superheroic.

There is a degree of truth to this, Colan has an ability to make the strange seem real, give shadows depth and, for wont of a better term, personality which has never been matched. Technically, his superhero work is never less that excellent, but there are times when it just doesn't seem quite "right" for the genre.

Okay, when we left our brightly clad hero HERE , he was sneaking around his ex's house, had just been clonked unconscious and was looking all cutely vulnerable at the foot of a flight of stairs.

Dating the undead Pt 2 )
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Here's my contribution to today's romance theme.

Taken from the I ♥ Marvel - My Mutant Heart one-shot.

Wherein hardboiled private detective Chandler breaks his number one rule and falls hard for the person he's meant to be tailing.

2.6 pages out of 8 beneath the cut.

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