Dec. 12th, 2010

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Nobody requested this post.

It doesn't fit into any set theme for theme month.

It isn't even anything hot off the presses.

But it's something that I think is pretty cool - the origin of Mr. Fantastic. Not the character, the name.

This collects the oft-reprinted and emulated Fantastic Four #1, the crib scene in Waid/Wieringo's first issue of Fantastic Four (v3 #60) and extracts from this summer's autumn's Ataque del M.O.D.O.K.
In the beginning... )
And Mark Waid has himtelling the story to Valeria )

And the much promised secret origin from this year's visually arresting Ataque Del M.O.D.O.K.! )
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Earlier posts here and here dealt more with the delightfully kinky relationship between Dick and his revealed-to-be-a-vampire-paramour Dala, and her quite admirable fetish for tying him up and gagging him whilst he's in his Robin costume. Now we're moving more into the larger, more Bat-centric art, it's still pretty awesome though, and remains uncollected.

Dating the Undead Pt3 )
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Welcome to day 12 of [community profile] scans_daily's 30 Days of Winter celebration! Today's theme is deconstructing superheroes, comics that take apart the superhero mythos to analyze the nuts and bolts and find what makes it tick!

look on my works, ye mighty... )
So S_D, what are your favorite superhero deconstructions?

Stick with us for all 30 days of our month-long event! Tomorrow's theme is LGBT Comics! And our full calendar can be found here!
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Fulfilling my final request post for 2010.

Last time, we saw the fight between Frau Totenkinder and Baba Yaga (in disguise as Red Riding Hood). After being thoroughly trounced, Baba Yaga was imprisoned deep within the Woodlands Main Office, a large, dungeon-esque tesseract.

And there she stayed for quite awhile, until the recent events of Mr. Dark being unleashed, which led to all of Fabletown being demolished. This had the side-effect of cutting off the Office from its portal back to the Mundy world.

Now, Bufkin the Flying Monkey Librarian, Frankie the Monster Head, the Magic Mirror, and dozens of severed Wooden Soldier heads are all that stands between hundreds of imprisoned evils (including Baba Yaga) and freedom.

What's gonna happen? (WARNING: NSFW nekkid boobies, ahoy. Both young and old)

Thou shalt not suffer a (wicked) witch to live... )

Dial-up warning. 1 page from Fables #78, 4 pages from #87, 3 from #88, 3 from #89, 3 from #90, and 3 from #91.


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