Dec. 14th, 2010

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I was first introduced to Locke & Key back in the Daily Scans of ol'. The series has since become one of my favorites due to its tight plot, believable characters, imagination and excellent art. Since Locke & Key hasn't gotten much representation in the new Scans Daily, I thought I'd de-lurk and share some scans.

The story centers around the three children in the Locke family. Their lives in California are shattered when a classmate, Sam Lesser, murders their father for seemingly no reason. The family then moves to Lovecraft, Massachusetts and takes residence in their ancestral family house, called Keyhouse. The house has many secrets and Bode, the youngest, stubbles into one right off the bat when he finds a key and a door that will turn anyone who uses it into a ghost.

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More signs that the writers and artists at DC love us. Or at least Kevin Smith reads this. (Hi Kevin!).
DCUBlog has two pages of the Wydening gyre preview made juuuust for us.

Aww hell, all three pages. They cannot be denied.
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Have you seen the two teasers that Marvel released? One is of Spider-Man (Do You Fear..Tomorrow?) and the other of Cyclops becoming Magneto (Do You Fear...What You've Become?) !

Cosmic Book News has speculated that this is Marvel's next big event - and related to that "Architects" teaser from last week. Looks like Bleeding Cool has as well. Not sure if all this is related, but sounds cool.


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Let LGTBQ Day pass without postings of Small Favors? This shall not stand, my friends.

Brief summary, if you haven't seen it (and I do believe that it's turned up around these parts before, but just in case): Small Favors is a porn comic about lesbians. It is quite unabashedly and unashamedly a porn comic about lesbians. However -- and this is the important bit -- it is also possibly one of the sweetest and most good-natured comics which has ever been published. It just also happens to show that sex is something fun and enjoyable -- and particularly, that women can enjoy sex -- at the same time. 

Most of it, naturally, is quite NSFW, but this is one of the pages that isn't, and which -- I think, anyway, pretty much sums up the entire series. The ladies are the two main characters, Annie (the brunette) and Nibbil (the blonde).

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CosmicBookNews continues to deliver the happenings over at mighty Marvel. One would argue that you can't call them the "House of Ideas" anymore, but maybe the "House-of-New-Twists-on-an-old-theme" may be a better fit.

With all "events" has been occurring over at Marvel, it was high time that the new recruits faced off against one of the major Avenger villains and earn their name. And this hints at the next big event at Marvel. Writer Christos Gage spills the beans.

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Welcome to Day 14 of [community profile] scans_daily's 30 Days of Winter event. Today's theme is Yuri and Yaoi!

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What are your favorite yuri and yaoi titles?

Stick with us tomorrow, our theme will be Non-fiction comics! And our full 30 Days of Winter calendar is here!
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It's been quite a while since I've done a crazy pontificating semicolon-abusing teal deer rant here, hasn't it? I think it's time to rectify that situation. With footnotes, even, just to make up for lost time ::cracks knuckles:: So if you feel up to a bit of froth and a lot of , please join me as I natter on about a thing that's been bugging me for half the current BATGIRL run now.

This is Wendy Harris.

She's the comicverse translation of a character from the old Superfriends TV show, who was originally added to the Teen Titans for about six minutes; just long enough for McKeever to make a crass, immature joke about the show, or the Titans death rate, or who the hell even knows what was going through his head, by having a giant evil dog maul her and kill her brother. She's now a major supporting cast member in the BATGIRL ongoing, going by the cape name of "Proxy."

I hate her.

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