Jan. 14th, 2011

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Spoilers for the Starman/Congorilla team up one-shot

Readers of Cry for Justice were witness to many, many arbitrary fridgings, but one irked me more than a little.

And no, I don't mean Lian )

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Fanservice, meaning, homoeroticizing.

One page from the preview Birds of Prey #8 in CBR.
Mortal flesh?  )

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Issue 3 of CAPTAIN AMERICA: MAN OUT OF TIME, the mini-series exploring the character's adjustment to the modern world after waking from all those years of suspended animation, came out this week. Captain America plans to return to 1945.

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How many people remember the late, great Starman series by James Robinson? Regarded as one of the greatest comics of the 90s, but relatively obscure these days, the series tells the story of Jack Knight, the son of Ted Knight, the Golden Age Starman. Robinson turned what was one of DC's dime-a-dozen C-list legacy characters into a believable, three-dimensional character that I could identify with and enjoyed reading for much more than his superheroics.

Halfway through the series, there was an arc where Jack went adventuring in space looking for Will Payton, his girlfriend's brother. Problems regarding boom tubes and wormholes caused the trio to become lost in space and time, and among the places where they landed was Krypton, decades before its destruction. Ever wondered why Jor-El sent his son to Earth of all places? )
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Well, it seems that my Jon Juan posts were so popular that they actually costs me to exceed bandwidth on my Photobucket account. This hasn't happened since the internment camp post back on the original scans_daily. I'm impressed.

Jon Juan - Story 2 - Header

But enough with self-congratulating. Here is the last story in the only issue of Jon Juan:

Jon Juan goes to his namesake's home turf and actually comes off as sympathetic for once (10 pages under the cut) )

Well, that's it for the immortal super-lover - unless, of course, someone decides to revive him. Jon Juan is in public domain.

Tune in next time as I belately fulfill a months-old request and repost the Captain Courageous story where we see something I haven't seen in any other Golden Age story - interned Japanese-Americans treated even remotely sympathetically.
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Greetings True Believers!

Cross-overs are good, old-fashioned fun and the Transformers and G.I. Joe go together like peanut butter and jelly.

This Dreamwave Productions mini-series is my favorite of the numerous times the Joes and Robots have gotten together. It's WWII and this time it's Cobra/Decepticons vs. G.I. Joe/Autobots.

This mini rocks and I'm displaying my favorite bits, pages and panels.

Things to enjoy: Snake-Eyes and all the badassery that comes with him. The awesome bromance between Grimlock and Roadblock, Cobra Commander being his over-the-top self. And surprising amount of sexual innuendo between humans and alien robots.

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